How to spell FINTE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "finte" instead of the correct word, "faint", here are a couple of possible suggestions. Double-check your spelling and try "feint", which means to make a deceptive movement or a deceptive attack in sports or combat. Alternatively, you could consider "finite", meaning something that has a definite end or limit.

List of suggestions on how to spell finte correctly

  • faint
  • Fainted
  • Faints
  • fate
  • feint He tried to feint to the left to dodge the defender, but ended up stumbling and falling on the ground.
  • feinted Doubling back, I feinted to the right and dashed forward, grabbing her arm as I passed.
  • feints In his impressive performance, the boxer continuously used feints to confuse his opponent and won the match in the end.
  • fete The organization is planning a fete for the community to celebrate the end of summer.
  • fiat The government issued a fiat that all businesses must close during a public emergency.
  • fin The fisherman proudly held up the massive fin of his trophy marlin.
  • find
  • finder He is an expert finder of lost treasures.
  • fine It's time to fine him for being so noisy.
  • fined
  • finer I would like a finer cloth for the new shirt.
  • fines The company faces heavy fines for violating environmental laws.
  • finger I have a bruise on my finger.
  • finite The universe is said to be finite, meaning it has a limit or boundary.
  • finked I finked on my test and got a F.
  • finn Finn is a funny little dog.
  • Finned
  • fit I need to fit into a smaller dress for the wedding.
  • fitter Johnny is a fitter at the gym.
  • flint I found a flint arrowhead in the ground.
  • flinty John's eyes were as flinty as the earth under his feet.
  • font I prefer to use a bold font on my resume.
  • INT I couldn't understand the handwriting on the document, but I could make out the letters "INT" at the top of the page.
  • inter The inter-school football competition was a great success.

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  • analysis
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