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How to spell FLAUR correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "flaur", the correct suggestions could be "flour" or "flare". "Flour" refers to the fine, powdery substance used in baking, while "flare" refers to a sudden burst of light or emotions. Double-checking your spelling can save you from confusion and ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell flaur correctly

  • fair The teacher wanted to ensure that each student had a fair chance to present their project in front of the class.
  • far
  • fear
  • FLA
  • flab I don't want to eat late at night because I am worried I will gain flab.
  • flag The flag of the United States contains 50 white stars on a blue field.
  • flair She has a natural flair for creative writing.
  • FLAIRS The police officer instructed the cars in the accident scene to turn on their hazard lights and put out flairs.
  • flak The celebrity received a lot of flak after she was caught smoking in public.
  • flan I love to bake caramel flan for special occasions.
  • flap The birds' wings began to flap rapidly as they took off into the sky.
  • flare The flare of the sun blinded him as he walked out of the dark movie theater.
  • flat I prefer living in a flat with easy access to the city.
  • flavor
  • flavour I love the strong flavour of coffee in the morning.
  • flaw The painting was beautiful, except for one small flaw in the corner.
  • flay The chef proceeded to flay the fish with great precision.
  • flier
  • floor The toddler crawled on the floor searching for a lost toy.
  • flour
  • flours I need to buy different flours for my gluten-free baking.
  • floury The floury residue on the countertop indicated that someone had been baking.
  • flu I don't want to go to work today because I have the flu.
  • flub I was nervous during my presentation and ended up making a flub when I mispronounced a word.
  • flue The flue was too small, so the farmer decided to replace it.
  • four
  • fur The cat's fur was soft as silk.
  • lair A lair is a place where an animal hides from its predators.
  • LAUE
  • lour Please give me the sugar or I'll have to lour over the counter.

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