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How to spell FOLKED correctly?

If you meant to type "folked" but it's a misspelling, here are some potential corrections: "forked", "folked" or "focused". These alternatives retain the intended meaning in different contexts. However, without more context, it's challenging to determine the precise correct suggestion. Remember to proofread before finalizing your writing to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell folked correctly

  • faked After she faked an illness to get out of school, she realized that she liked the feeling of not having to make any decisions
  • felled The lumberjack felled the tree with a chainsaw.
  • Filed I filed my tax return with the government.
  • filled The basket was filled to the brim with freshly picked apples.
  • Flaked I flaked on our spot in the park.
  • Fled The thief fled the scene of the robbery before the police arrived.
  • flied He flied a kite at the park.
  • Flocked The children flocked to the playground as soon as the bell rang.
  • foaled
  • fogged The fogged window prevented me from seeing the office building across the street.
  • foiled The burglar was foiled by the loud barking of the homeowner's dog.
  • fold I always fold my clothes neatly and put them away.
  • folded Our laundry was neatly folded in the hamper.
  • folder I keep my pictures in a folder.
  • folk Folk music is a genre that often involves traditional melodies and lyrics passed down through generations.
  • folks "I always enjoy spending time with my folks during the holidays.
  • Fooled She was fooled by his convincing words.
  • forged The forged horseshoe was clearly a fake.
  • forked He forked his way through the salad.
  • fouled She fouled her dress while playing in the park.
  • Fowled The hunter's aim was off and he fowled his shot, missing the duck completely.
  • Fulled
  • locked
  • Looked I looked down at my lap and sighed.
  • polkaed I polkaed with my grandmother at her 80th birthday party.
  • yolked The eggs yolked while I was cooking them.

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