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How to spell FORSE correctly?

If you are typing "forse" and it's not the correct spelling, here are some suggestions to consider: "force", "fores", "fore" or "forge". These words have different meanings but are commonly mistaken for "forse". Double-check your intended word to ensure proper communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell forse correctly

  • farce The whole business turned out to be a farce.
  • farsi I am currently learning Farsi in order to better communicate with my Iranian friends.
  • firs
  • foe He considered his competitor to be his biggest foe in the business world.
  • foes The foes in the battlefield are fierce.
  • Forbes The magazine Forbes has been published since 1912.
  • force
  • forces We can't escape the forces that are forcing us to change.
  • FORDS The Fords moved to a new house last month.
  • fore The golfer shouted "fore!" to warn other players that his ball was heading in their direction.
  • foresee I didn't foresee the pandemic would disrupt everyone's routine.
  • forge Heforge the swords in the forge.
  • forges The blacksmith forges the hot metal into a mighty sword.
  • forks I grabbed two forks from the drawer to eat my spaghetti dinner.
  • Forms There are different forms of government around the world.
  • forsake I will forsake my home for yours.
  • Forster John Forster wrote the novel "The395" in 1911.
  • forte The forte was too loud for me to hear the orchestra.
  • fortes Unfortunately, my fortes don't include public speaking, so I'm feeling incredibly nervous about giving this presentation.
  • FORTS During the war, soldiers would often build forts for protection.
  • fosse Her ashes were scattered in the fosse that ran alongside the old mill.
  • fours She hit four fours in a row during the cricket match.
  • furs She proudly displayed her collection of furs to her guests, all of whom admired her refined taste in fashion.
  • furze He was cleaning up the furze with his hoover.
  • fuse I had to cut the fuse to get out of the dark room.
  • gorse I need to pick up a box of soccer gorse before the game.
  • horse He rode on a horse.
  • morse My roommate was using Morse code to communicate with a loved one overseas.
  • norse The Vikings were a Norse people who sailed all over Europe in the Middle Ages.
  • rose The rose in the garden was bright red and smelled lovely.
  • worse My headache has gotten worse since this morning.

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