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How to spell FOUGH correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "fough", don't fret! The correct suggestions for this misspelling could be "tough" or "rough". Both words share a similar sound and could fit in various contexts. Just remember to double-check your spelling and select the correct term to convey your intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell fough correctly

  • bough The bird perched on a bough of the oak tree and sang melodiously.
  • cough I have a cough and a runny nose, so I think I might be getting a cold.
  • dough I need to knead the dough for at least 10 minutes for it to rise properly.
  • FOCH
  • fog I can hardly see anything through the dense fog.
  • foggy The weather report said it would be a foggy morning.
  • fogy
  • forge The blacksmith used the hot coals to forge a beautiful sword out of steel.
  • forgo
  • forth The explorers set forth on their journey to the summit of the mountain.
  • Fought
  • foul The referee called a foul after the player tripped his opponent.
  • four
  • fours
  • fourth I will be celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary next month.
  • fug I really need to get a fug before my 8pm project meeting.
  • Hugh John was Hugh's best friend since Kindergarten.
  • laugh She could not help but laugh when he told her the funny joke.
  • lough The lough was surrounded by majestic green hills.
  • Pugh
  • rough I have very rough skin.
  • sough The sough of the wind through the trees was a soothing lullaby.
  • though I enjoy spicy food, though it often upsets my stomach.
  • tough The Tough Mudder endurance run is a physically and mentally challenging event.
  • Ugh " Ugh, I cannot believe I have to wake up early tomorrow morning.

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