What is the correct spelling for GALLORE?

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Correct spelling for GALLORE

We think the word gallore is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for gallore

  • allure Perhaps, of the two, this reserve weighed most on Susan; perhaps she most yearned to break the silence,-for she thought she divined the cause of Mainwaring's gloomy and mute constraint in the upbraidings of his conscience, which might doubtless recall, if no positive pledge to Susan, at least those words and tones which betray the one heart, and seek to allure the other; and the profound melancholy stamped on his whole person, apparent even to her hurried glance, touched her with a compassion free from all the bitterness of selfish reproach.
  • caller "But he has a caller with him now," he added.
  • calorie Calorie count laws for restaurant chains Empty calorie, calorie provided by food without other essential nutrients CalorieMate, a Japanese brand of energy-supplement foods CalorieKing, a company offering weight loss products and services Good Calories, Bad Calories a 2007 book by Gary Taubes CR Society International, formerly Calorie Restriction Society CALERIE, a food research program by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • gale The wind blew all the time almost a gale, rising at different points of our passage to the full desert of the name.
  • gall Some even say that the gall marks of his brass collar still showeth upon his neck, and others that he knoweth not himself the name of his own father, nor had he any mother.
  • galleria A nucleus remains in the hands of the family, as well as in the Galleria Nazionale dArte Antica, which occupies part of the Palazzo Barberini in Rome.
  • gallery Looking upward and upward, my range of view gradually reached the gallery.
  • galley And being come to the galley wherein he was, he showed himself to Master Rowit in his armour, his guard of soldiers attending upon him, in armour also, and began to speak very proudly in this sort: "Thou Englishman, from whence is your fleet?
  • gallon Now the ring spoke to the king's daughter and said: "Don't part with me for anything till you send your trusted man for three gallons of strong spirits and a gallon of wheat; put the spirits and the wheat together in an open barrel before the fire.
  • gallop Our story must now gallop a little.
  • gallows Oh do 'e, do 'e think; and not bring us all to the grave, and then the gallows!
  • galore In the market of Clare, so cheery the glare Of the shops and the booths of the tradespeople there, That I take a delight, on a Saturday night, In walking that way and viewing the sight; For it's here that one sees all the objects that please- New patterns in silk and old patterns in cheese, For the girls pretty toys, rude alarums for boys, And baubles galore which discretion enjoys- But here I forbear, for I really despair Of naming the wealth of the market of Clare!
  • glare As there was no fear of the glare of the fires shining through the forest, and thus betraying our position, we could venture to light a sufficient number for the protection of the camp against wild beasts.
  • glory Glory to thee, O Tezcat!
  • gore Jess climbed back into the cart, making no reply, and they started on, the Vilderbeeste looking more savage and unhuman than ever with the discoloured handkerchief round his head, and his dense black beard and hair mattered with gore which he would not take the trouble to wash out of them.
  • lore There is another piece of curious folk lore, in connexion with the leopard.
  • Clare In his new home Clare was for a time troubled with visitors; to most he was aloof, but sometimes he spoke freely of his affairs.
  • Gilmore Twelve months ago she disappeared from Tyrnau, Miss Gilmore, lured away as I believe by some scoundrel; and I have never seen or heard of her from that time.
  • Mallory Edison replied that he intended to do that himself, and invited Mr. Mallory to go with him to one of the draughting-rooms on an upper floor of the laboratory.
  • Gallo In this perplexity, they decided on the little island of Gallo, as being, on the whole, from its distance from the shore, and from the scantiness of its population, the most eligible spot for them in their forlorn and destitute condition.
  • onery

147 words made from the letters gallore

5 letter words made from gallore:

golar, ogler, gelao, gloea, rolag, orage, goral, golle, goler, legal, ollar, geral, gello, garel, allor, loera, aello, realo, largo, algeo, grall, llega, grael, alleg, agler, gella, groel, gorle, gorel, argel, golla, alero, large, rolla, rello, ragel, laroe, oller, argle, roell, llera, groll, galle, lager, grell, galer, elarg, oreal, loger, elgar, rogal, alger, regla, lalor, algol, ragle, lorge, logar, ealor, leral, llerg, earll, regal, glera, orale, rallo, glare.

4 letter words made from gallore:

lega, eorl, olla, oreg, loge, gael, lelo, aleo, gole, goal, lore, goer, oger, ogae, llao, leal, gore, loga, olea, role, gell, aloe, areo, lero, lago, rale, earl, eral, real, rola, gear, ergo, rega, rago, gelo, ogre, roga, gale, leao, roll, oell, gaol, rage, oral, rall, lger, orge, ogea, aero, orga, argo, lear, ogle, gall.

3 letter words made from gallore:

gel, lag, ago, ler, ell, ego, gal, goa, ear, lea, all, age, gar, lao, oar, rag, era, log, leg, leo, ore, ale, erg, roe, ola, are.

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