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How to spell GEANTED correctly?

If you are trying to spell "geanted" but can't find any correct outcomes, fret not! It seems like you may have meant "granted". This simple change will accurately convey the idea of something being given or approved. Remember, proofreading can help avoid such minor mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell geanted correctly

  • anted I had finally finished my research, so I anted up the necessary funds to publish my book.
  • canted She had a canted smile that lightened up her heart.
  • Decanted The wine was carefully decanted into a crystal glass pitcher.
  • dented The side of the car was badly dented after the accident.
  • Ganged The students ganged up on the bully and told him to stop his cruel behavior.
  • Gated The property is gated so you will not be able to access it without an accesscode.
  • gentled The soothing music gentled her anxiety and helped her relax.
  • Glinted The light glinted off of her silver necklace.
  • granted
  • Grated The chef grated the parmesan cheese over the top of the pasta dish.
  • Grunted
  • Panted The dog panted heavily after running around in the hot sun for hours.
  • Ranted The angry customer ranted for over 30 minutes about the poor service he received.
  • Recanted I recanted my statement that I raped that woman.
  • Rented
  • Scanted The room was sparsely furnished and cold, with a single window that was haphazardly scanted to let in the
  • Tented The group of hikers tented under the stars during their overnight camping trip.
  • vented I vented my frustration to my friend about my boss.
  • wanted Sarah wanted a slice of cake for dessert.

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