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How to spell GOUNT correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "gount" instead of "count", don't worry! Autocorrect often comes to the rescue by suggesting the correct word. Several possible suggestions might include "count", "gout" or "glint". Just select the accurate option, and your message will be error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell gount correctly

  • CONT
  • count Please count the number of pages in this book before returning it to the library.
  • counts
  • county
  • fount The fount of knowledge seems to be never-ending.
  • gaunt After a month without eating, the prisoner's face became gaunt and his clothes hung off his skeletal frame.
  • gent The manager was really nice; he's such a gent.
  • ghent Ghent is a beautiful city located in the Flanders region of Belgium.
  • giant The giant towered over the tiny village below.
  • goat I love drinking goat milk.
  • gone She's gone out to do some shopping.
  • goon I'm going to pick up the goon that let the dog out.
  • Got
  • gounod She sang a tribute to Gounod at the funeral.
  • gout He had been suffering from gout for many years.
  • gouty I have a gouty aunt.
  • gown I wore my gown for my graduation ceremony.
  • ground I need to sweep the ground before the guests arrive.
  • grout
  • grunt The soldier had to grunt due to the weight of his backpack.
  • gun I never wanted to own a gun, but now I'm reconsidering.
  • gut I had a gut feeling that something was not right.
  • jaunt He took a jaunt to the store for some cigarettes.
  • joint Our family gets together for a summer barbecue every year, and we always have a joint in the grill.
  • mount I want to mount a photo of my family on the wall.
  • ONT

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