How to spell GURNEE correctly?

We think the word gurnee is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell gurnee correctly

  • burner He read the simple instructions tacked to the wall over the refrigerator, then lighted the burner.
  • cornea The lens is frequently wounded in addition to the cornea and iris.
  • corner I could see Knowlton's grin over the corner of my shoulder.
  • gainer If he succeeds, Italy is a certain gainer, and Europe through Italy.
  • garner Also in Arber's English Garner, vol.
  • garnet Major Garnet, if you please.
  • gene "It's getting on the nerves uh them that own 'em a heap worse," Gene told him grimly, and piled more wood on the fire; for the cold bit through even the thick walls of the cabin when the flames in the fireplace died, and the door hinges were crusted deep with ice.
  • gone Are they gone, Maurice?
  • goner "Wid Ou' Wolf bein' tuk so s'prise' like dat he had his mouf open an' shoutin' when he hit de mud, an' his years an' his eyes open, an' he squash 'em all so full o' mud, inside an' out, dat he tink he surely is a goner.
  • guano The smell of guano had been strong before, but here it was overpowering.
  • guinea What a home-coming was now in store for him, his last guinea spent, his hopes wrecked, and Wallingford to be faced!
  • gun Howard jerked up his own gun.
  • gunnel I saw none of their burying-places, but several of the gentlemen did. In one, they were informed, lay the remains of a chief who was slain in battle; and his grave, which bore some resemblance to a large mole-hill, was decorated with spears, darts, paddles, etc. all stuck upright in the ground round about it. The canoes, which these people use, are somewhat like those of the Friendly Isles; but the most heavy clumsy vessels I ever saw. They are what I call double canoes, made out of two large trees, hollowed out, having a raised gunnel, about two inches high, and closed at each end with a kind of bulk-head of the same height; so that the whole is like a long square trough, about three feet shorter than the body of the canoe; that is, a foot and a half at each end. Two canoes, thus fitted, are secured to each other, about three feet asunder, by means of cross spars, which project about a foot over each side.
  • gunner "If you go strainin' yourself over little witticisms like that," observed young Gunner Oke gloomily, "one of these days you'll be heving the Dead March played over you before you know what's happenin': and then, perhaps, you'll laugh on t'other side of your mouth."
  • gunny He sounded like Indian corn shaken in a gunny-bag; he wheezed like the mildewed harmonium in the Hospital chapel, on which he had once tried to play.
  • gurney He was not over fifty, in spite of Sheridan's habitual "ole Doc Gurney."
  • journey Ay, but my letter might save me from the journey if I sent it off now.
  • june Mertens, Senckenbergiana, 33:169-171, June 15, 1952; Abhand.
  • quine This sentence contains Quine's Paradox.
  • turner My dad is a turner.
  • Carney "Oh, yes, I know," drawled Mr. Odell- Carney.
  • Genie O my betrothed, what shrieks and roars were those: with which the Genie awoke, finding himself bare of the Identical!
  • gunned He gunned the truck more than he had to and threw up a billowing cloud of red dust.
  • gurneys We dined the other night at Shady Hill, where the Gurneys were charming and the company excellent; but there was a perpetual suggestion of the Elysian Fields about the banquet to me, and we seemed met together to celebrate a memory rather than applaud a hope.
  • gunge The Rajah was reduced to great distress; but his personal friend, Matabur Sing, the minister of Nepaul, aided him with loans of money; and gave him a garden to reside in, about five hundred yards from the village of Maharaj Gunge, in the Nepaul territory, fifty-four miles from Bulrampoor, where Dursun Sing remained encamped with his large force.

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