Correct spelling for HAPPT

We think the word happt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for happt

  • apt Men knew not what to think, and so thought the worst-as we are all apt to do when in the dark.
  • capet Hugh Capet confined himself carefully to the sphere of his recognized rights as well as of his effective strength, and his government remained faithful to the character of the revolution which had raised him to the throne, at the same time that it gave warning of the future progress of royalty independently of and over the head of feudalism.
  • habit The king liked him out of habit, and because he had peculiar obligations to him.
  • haft Let the superstitious wife Near the child's heart lay a knife: Point be up, and haft be down (While she gossips in the town); This, 'mongst other mystic charms, Keeps the sleeping child from harms.
  • haiti In 1915 she interposed to suppress a revolution in Haiti.
  • halt She pointed out her plight, and that we could halt no longer between two opinions, who must either fight or yield.
  • hap By the time he had reached the door of the drawing-room, he had all but made up his mind to tell Fitzgerald that, seeing there was so much other business on hand this morning at Hap House, this special piece of business of his must stand over.
  • haply He knew he must leave her on the morrow; he feared he might never behold her again; and yet he tasted bliss, for it seemed within the contemplation of the Gods that he should dance with his darling before dark-haply waltz with her!
  • happen What'd happen, I'd like to know?
  • happy "O, Roswell, I shall never be happy till I tell you all about it and ask you to forgive me.
  • harp Jack slipped from the wardrobe, seized the harp, and ran out of the castle.
  • harpist In some cases, composers have written harp passages beyond the possibility of execution by a single harpist, and the difficulty and cost of providing two harpists have been inevitable.
  • harpy I only know this, that interest, as a rule, has been steadily declining ever since I can remember-perpetually declining; I mean, of course, upon perfect security like this; and now this confounded harpy wants, after ten years, to raise it!
  • hart "Miss Hart," Dr. Dennis repeated, thoughtfully; "the primary class, eh; it is hard to manage; and yet, with all the sub-teachers present, one would think it might be done."
  • harte I am sure that I have wrote eighteen, either to you or to Mr. Harte, and it does not appear by your letter, that all or even any of my letters have been received.
  • hat Putting her hat on now.
  • hate I hate the very name of Kansas.
  • haunt Carefully stealing through the tall grass, I now approached to within touching distance of the haunt, and was soon lost in mingled wonder, amusement, and surprise at the picnic now disclosed, the occasional butterfly swarm being now easily explained.
  • heap Already between the gangways and the bulwarks lay a great heap of dead and dying.
  • heaped The chap lifted the cushions heaped on the seat of the chair and viewed it interestedly.
  • heart Keep your heart up, and don't worry any more than you can help."
  • heat H2O - 2 H 0 - heat.
  • hep Bullwinkle Bellows Again or Moonin Low Bongo Boris or The Hep Rat (the Narrator says The Hep Cat before Boris corrects him and takes a balalaika and sings a short song at the end) The Spies of Life or When a Fella Needs a Fiend
  • hip Hip lameness causes outward rolling of the leg in trotting, and wasting of the muscles of stifle and hip leads to a characteristic drop.
  • hipped Calvert spent a good deal of time in Italy, where the German art historian Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717–1768) described him as being "one of those worn-out beings, a hipped Englishman, who had lost all physical and moral taste".
  • hippo It turned out to be a fortunate thing that Hippo had been in such a dangerous mood during the last few days, for the other hippopotami had followed the example of Hippo's wife and moved a little farther down the river; consequently, the hunters were able to complete their task without any molestation from them.
  • hippy Two buckets were finally filled and passed up to Hippy.
  • hop I suppose you would like to hop-skip-and-jump down to the altar?
  • hot And up came the water-a great stream of it that ran over the dry hot ground!
  • http
  • hut
  • kaput
  • lappet
  • part
  • pat
  • pet
  • pit
  • pt
  • put
  • rapt
  • spat
  • tappet
  • Had You had better ask him."
  • Harped This string had been so continuously harped upon that the combined War Councils of the Transvaal and Free State once more decided that an attempt to gain possession of Platrand should be made.
  • Hast Thou hast the power; Thou doest what thou wilt.
  • Hopped And then Mr. Frog himself, looking fine and fit, hopped up and stood before the company, with a broad grin on his face.
  • Hoped "I hoped to have reached here as soon as my letter.
  • harps Here, I listen to the choir of harps harmonious.
  • HT
  • CAPT Thence to the office, where Sir W. Rider, Capt.
  • HIT Hit it up a bit, Peter, old boy.
  • SHPT
  • hyped
  • happiest "I am the happiest of women!
  • happier The less I think the happier I shall be.
  • pot

10 words made from the letters happt

3 letter words made from happt:

atp, hap, apt, pap, pat, hat, tap.

4 letter words made from happt:

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