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How to spell HOUS correctly?

If you tend to misspell "hous", here are a few correct alternatives to consider: "house", "hours", "hose", "hoist" or "hocus". These words have distinct meanings and spellings, but may sound similar when pronounced aloud. Always double-check and select the suitable spelling to convey your intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell hous correctly

  • HOBS My HOBS include baking, gardening, and reading.
  • HODS I have a huge pile of HODS.
  • hoes I don't have any hoes.
  • hogs I had to kill all the hogs in the pen.
  • HOLS I will be going on hols to Hawaii next month.
  • HONS My aunt's home is quite a lovely place - HONS!
  • hops I smell the fragrant hops in the brewery.
  • horus
  • HOS HOS regulations limit the number of hours a commercial driver can drive in a certain period of time.
  • HOTS I've got the hots for my co-worker.
  • hour
  • hours
  • house I am cleaning my house today.
  • hus
  • nous The nous which was once mine is now yours.
  • Sous My mom always makes us a sous vide steak when we come over.
  • YOUS

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