How to spell IMDER correctly?

We think the word imder is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell imder correctly

  • adder I let her suppose I came for myself, and she reproached me with Lord Adder.
  • aide The aide laughed and went his way whistling a merry tune.
  • alder We continued our journey on the 3d: the river narrows considerably, at about thirty miles from its mouth, and is obstructed with islands, which are thickly covered with the willow, poplar, alder, and ash.
  • amber You may beat dissolved Amber, or Essence of Cinnamon, with them.
  • amide Threonine proteases use their N-terminal amide as the base, since steric crowding by the catalytic threonines methyl prevents other residues from being close enough.
  • elder He held out his hand to the elder sister.
  • ember Thus, we have prayed for the Clergy already, but in Ember Weeks we add, in the 4th Section, a Collect for the Candidates for Ordination.
  • i'd Of course I- I'd like it.
  • idea That was my idea.
  • impede With all its superficiality, it is enough to impede the way to the clear, nervous strength which is certainly our inheritance.
  • inter A. Fulvius, vir senatorii ordinis, filium, iuvenem et ingenio et forma inter aequales nitentem, pravo consilio Catilinae amicitiam secutum inque castra eius ruentem, ex medio itinere retractum supplicio mortis adfecit, praefatus non se Catilinae illum adversus patriam, sed patriae adversus Catilinam genuisse.
  • madder Don Quixote, in short, had decided to go mad, in emulation of other bold knights, such as Roland and Amadis-a decision that extracted from Sancho Panza some muttered words to the effect that any one who could mistake a barber's basin for a gold helmet could not go much madder.
  • made A few days later the old man died, and Big Eagle was appointed to fill the vacancy of chief made by the death of his father-in-law.
  • md Educated at Upper Canada College; engaged in journalism at Toronto; studied law and called to the bar of Ontario, 1874. In command of the York and Simcoe Regiment during the Rebellion of 1885. Sat in the House of Commons, 1882-1896; defeated in the general election of 1896. A strong opponent of the Jesuits' Estates Act and of the Remedial Bill, 1896. Index: Md His motion for disallowance of Jesuits' Estates Act, 288; its defeat, 289. Bib.
  • med The stars went out and the universe reeled and the Med Ship became a sort of cosmos all its own, into which no signal could come, no danger could enter, and in which there could be no sound except those minute ones made to prevent silence.
  • miter She miter-sawed the boards to create the angles needed.
  • mode In computer science, mode is a data structure that allows for predicting the next valid value for a given key in a sorted array
  • oder I don't know if I should eat this or not.
  • older
  • order I placed an order for cake online.
  • rimed The rimmed coffee mug is perfect for sharing with friends.
  • timed I can't wait for our date tonight to take place at a good time that we both agree on.
  • udder Do you want the omelette with onions, or do you want it with udders?
  • umber She bought an orange umber.
  • under Vicki walked underneath the tree.
  • Aimed "Mr. Galt's new novel is on our table, and we regret we have not space to go further into the arcana of 'Stanley Buxton,' in which the author has aimed at painting natural feelings in situations not common, and with much success.
  • Idem ~Ship~, n. English, idem.
  • Limed In a few days we would cut pliant tips of the willow, smear them with bird-lime, and by means of slits cut in the branch would arrange the besmeared twigs high enough that when the bird alighted the limed twigs stuck to his breast feathers and swung around underneath, sticking the wing fast to his side so that the bird could not move.
  • Amer Illustrated: Matthew, Amer.
  • mimed It wasn't until the mimed applause that she realized the joke had fallen flat.
  • odder She stashed her oodler away in her locker.
  • amides elemental sodium), and hydrides of alkali and alkaline earth metals, such as sodium hydride, function as strong bases and hydrate to give caustics Extremely strong bases (superbases) such as alkoxides, metal amides (e.
  • ID "He must be wise enough to know the singular from the plural"- Id.

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