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How to spell IMEAN correctly?

If you find yourself frequently misspelling "imean", worry not! Some possible correct alternatives could be "I mean", "I meant" or "I'mean" (note the apostrophe). Always remember to proofread your messages before hitting send, and perhaps consider using auto-correct or spell-check features to help avoid this common mishap.

List of suggestions on how to spell imean correctly

  • amen The congregation responded in unison with a resounding "amen" at the end of the pastor's sermon.
  • amman
  • demean It is important not to demean others, regardless of our personal feelings towards them.
  • Ian
  • iceman An iceman dressed in heavy winter clothing was delivering blocks of ice to the houses on the street.
  • imam
  • iran
  • Ivan Ivan is my neighbor who loves to play the guitar.
  • man
  • mean
  • meany
  • men The men enjoyed playing football on the weekend.
  • moan The patient began to moan from the excruciating pain.
  • oman
  • omen The sight of a black cat crossing the path was considered to be a bad omen.
  • simian The zoo had a new exhibit featuring simian primates.

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