How to Pronounce meany?

Correct pronunciation for the word "meany" is [mˈiːni], [mˈiːni], [m_ˈiː_n_i].

"Meany" in context

Meany is a word that can refer to a person who acts in a mean or nasty way. Their behavior can range from being sarcastic and unkind to downright malicious. It can encompass bullying, being unhelpful, spreading rumors, and refusing to cooperate. Meany individuals act without considering the feelings of other people and can damage relationships. People who have experienced this kind of behavior may feel hurt, embarrassed, angry, and frustrated.

Meanness can be due to a variety of factors, including insecurity, past hurts, and a desire for power or control. It may also be rooted in learned behavior or a lack of empathy.


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