How to spell MEANTI correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "meanti" instead of "meant to", fret not - there are some suitable alternatives available. Correct suggestions include "meant I", "meant it" or "meant for". These corrections ensure clarity in your writing and save you from any potential confusion caused by the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell meanti correctly

  • anti I am against anti-vaccination.
  • Mani Mani is a traditional divination system practiced in West Africa.
  • manta I saw a huge Manta Ray swimming by.
  • mantis The praying mantis blends seamlessly into the plants it hides in.
  • mean It's really mean of you to say that.
  • meaner I really mean it when I say that you're being meaner than usual.
  • meanie I can't believe she acted like a meanie and said she didn't want to go to the party with us.
  • meanly She spoke meanly about her boss behind her back.
  • means There are many different means to achieve our goal.
  • Meant He meant to give me the flowers, but instead gave me the roses.
  • meantime I will finish my homework in the meantime while you cook dinner.
  • meany I don't want to hang out with him anymore because he's such a meany.
  • meat
  • meaty I love fatty meaty meals.

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