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How to spell INUTE correctly?

If you've unintentionally typed "inute" instead of "minute", fear not! It happens to the best of us. A few possible correct suggestions for the misspelling include "minute", "minute", "minute" or even "minute". Just remember to double-check your typing for those crucial "m" and "i" letters next time!

List of suggestions on how to spell inute correctly

  • ante Before the game begins, each player must put up an ante.
  • ignite The spark from the friction of the match caused the pile of dry leaves to ignite.
  • incite The politician's hate speech seemed to incite violence among his followers.
  • indie I love listening to indie music while studying.
  • indite
  • induce The medicine is meant to induce sleep.
  • inmate I am an inmate at this prison.
  • innate I have an innate talent for drawing.
  • input We need your input on the new project proposal.
  • inst
  • INT I need to check the int value of this variable before proceeding with the calculation.
  • INTEL Intel is a software company.
  • inter The inter-city train was delayed due to the storm.
  • Into I am turning into a pumpkin at midnight.
  • inuit I'm from the Inuit tribe.
  • Inuits The Inuits are an indigenous people of the Arctic region.
  • inure The punishment should inure to the victim's benefit.
  • inured She was inured to the cold after living in the Arctic for years.
  • invite
  • minute "I'll be ready to leave in just a minute," said Sarah as she put on her shoes.
  • minuter
  • Nate I don't want to go on this date with Nate.
  • note I need to make a note to set the alarm for 7:00.
  • nut The squirrel was clutching a nut in its paws.
  • unite Please unite your files before you exit the program.
  • ute I'm going to get my ute.

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