Correct spelling for JERESY

We think the word jeresy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for jeresy

  • Juries
  • Juries were accustomed to ascertain the truth of facts, by the defendant's oath of purgation, together with that of his compurgators....

  • Jerseys
  • The jerseys originated as a colony in 1664. in 1675 west jersey passed into the control of the quakers.

  • Ceres
  • As they conceived of ceres, the earth goddess, as the kindest of the immortals, and of her daughter, proserpina, the goddess of flowers and beautifying vegetation, as always young and happy, they found it hard to explain the barrenness of the winter months.

  • Firesides
  • It surrounds them with protected families, and builds their safe firesides and their altars of worship.

  • Cress
  • Well, there i lay close covered o'er in my recess, up to the neck in ferns and cress, thinking on metternich our friend, and charles's miserable end, and much beside, two days; the third, hunger o'ercame me when i heard the peasants from the village go to work among the maize; you know, with us in lombardy, they bring provisions packed on mules, a string with little bells that cheer their task, and casks, and boughs on every cask to keep the sun's heat from the wine; these i let pass in jingling line, and, close on them, dear, noisy crew, the peasants from the village, too; for at the very rear would troop their wives and sisters in a group to help, i knew.

  • Cores
  • On the mantel was a saucer containing the fast oxidizing cores of several apples and a half-eaten box of oatmeal biscuits.

  • Godfearing
  • We are a plain, but i trust, godfearing family, and we are content with the interest which springs from the daily round, the common task.

  • Jersey
  • Cousin tom had not been married very long, and soon after he and his wife, ruth, started housekeeping in a bungalow at seaview, on the new jersey coast, he invited the bunkers to visit him.

  • Cures
  • It alluded to the strange cures performed by doctor binder, a magnetizer.

  • Jeremy
  • Come, jeremy, acknowledge your trick, and confess your master's madness counterfeit.

  • Greys
  • Brown's grandson bought it off miss scantlebury for two guineas, he being proud of his grandfather's skill; an' the old lady drove into tregarrick work'us behind a pair o' greys wi' the proceeds.

  • Uncomplicate
  • Crees
  • They're the men or the sons of them, who went west when the prairie belonged to the indians and the blackfeet, crows, and crees made them lots of trouble.

  • Mediaspeak
  • Heresy
  • The heresy has been exposed; but even the slightest investigation of eighteenth-century opinion, or the mere recollection of what dryden had said, should have prevented its rise.

  • Greasy
  • The newcomer was somewhat tall and thin, and his hair was long, so long it fell upon his shoulders in greasy curls.

  • Jerks
  • His brown eyes watched the mullah's, and he drew his breath in little jerks, lest by breathing aloud he should miss one word of what, was coming.

  • Gores
  • Fashion prescribes the size and shape of bonnets, the make of gowns, their length and their size-the number of breadths and gores-the trimmings, the petticoats, which have become like a second gown, and all the other paraphernalia of a lady's toilette.

  • Jeers
  • He was thinking, too, that he would have to confess to his father what he had so impulsively done, and receive from him more jeers and ridicule linked with probable admonitions to greater deliberation and caution in future.

  • Jerry
  • We hurried along to the boat, jerry ahead.

  • Meres
  • Fire-Eating
  • Cheenbuk spoke the concluding sentence with a look and tone that was meant to convey a warning to any one who should dare to feel or act otherwise; but there was little need of the warning, for, with the exception of aglootook the medicine-man, the chief leaders of the fire-eating portion of the tribe, gartok and ondikik, were at the time helpless.

  • Cares
  • My step-mother is as good as dead, for all she cares about me.

  • Crecy
  • Bouchard, lord of montmorency, matthew de beaumont, dreux de mouchy-le- chatel, ebble de roussi, leon de mean, thomas de marle, hugh de crecy, william de la roche-guyon, hugh du puiset, and amaury de montfort learned, to their cost, that the king was not to be braved with impunity.

27 words made from the letters jeresy

4 letter words made from jeresy:

erse, reye, eyes, sere, eery, jeer, yser, jees, sree, seer, ryes, serj, esye, reys.

3 letter words made from jeresy:

esr, eye, ese, rye, see, res, yes.

5 letter words made from jeresy:

seery, eyers, esrey, eyres.

6 letter words made from jeresy:

jreyes, jersey.