How to spell KIBA correctly?

We think the word kiba is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell kiba correctly

  • aba As an ABA publication, the ACLQ concentrated on a practitioners approach to the criminal law.
  • ba And then, with heads bent, shields thrust forward, broad spears in strong ready grip, the whole circle of the Ba-gcatya host came surging up the slope.
  • bib Put on your best bib and tucker, and I will leave Harry Beecham in your charge, as I want to superintend the making of some of the dishes myself this evening.
  • cuba He put away from him that nightmare madness that he transacted on the coast of Cuba.
  • fib "Oh, Ada, what a fib.
  • gibe Thus laughed the demon voice in mocking gibe.
  • gila "Why, that's Bill Ward's cousin, Gila Dare," announced Courtland, graciously.
  • giza From 1311, when the spire of Lincoln Cathedral surpassed the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza, until the Washington Monument was completed in 1884, a succession of church buildings held this title.
  • jib Mason now seemed to have got his hand in, for his next shot hit the frigate's bowsprit-end as fair as though he had specially aimed at it, knocking the cap to pieces, and causing the jib-booms to go over to leeward.
  • jibe We must jibe, or swing the mainsail over, which might result in a capsize.
  • kama The Indians went to Persia, and thence embarked on the Hyrcanian Sea, and ascending the Rha, now the Wolga, got to Great Permia through the river Kama; from whence they might take shipping again on the Black Sea, or the Baltic.
  • kb Descended from a long-established Northumbrian family seated at Howick Hall, Grey was the second but eldest surviving son of General Charles Grey KB (1729–1807) and his wife, Elizabeth (1743/4–1822), daughter of George Grey of Southwick, co.
  • kebab Besides many kebab restaurants, there are also many kebab serving vendors in the older streets of Adana.
  • kick His first thought was to kick off his shoes, toss them down and then jump.
  • kid "Who in blazes are you, kid?
  • kidd Mrs. Gibbs drew back, and, to the gratification of all concerned, did not utter a sound as Mr. Kidd, followed by her husband, entered the room.
  • kiev In 1425, Zacharias of Kiev, who is reputed to have "studied astrology, necromancy, and various other magic arts," converted the priest Dionis, the Archbishop Aleksey, and, through the latter, many more clergymen of Novgorod, Moscow, and Pskov.
  • kilo Mrs. Stein, whose sole reading was the Bible and such advertising booklets as came by mail, or as she could pick up on the counter of the drugstore, when she went to Kilo, moved uneasily.
  • kin A murmur of remonstrance rose among the faithful few who were with him, two of whom were near of kin.
  • kine The wide meadows through which flowed the river, seemed to smite the eye with their greenness; and the black and red and white kine bent down their sleek necks among the marsh-marigolds and the meadow-sweet and the hundred lovely things that border the level water-courses, and fed on the blessed grass.
  • king And I'll be the King.
  • kiowa They had little doubt that the crafty Kiowa scouts were similarly employed far away to the northward.
  • kip He's destroyed the trade of Jemmy Crowle, who do kip a kiddleywink over to Zennor.
  • kirk It was often better to look upon it than to go to Maister Welsh's kirk.
  • kiss "Theophil dear, don't kiss me yet.
  • kit A light thrown into the tiny cabin disclosed amid the disorder an open kit-bag full of linen.
  • kite Benjamin Franklin "caught" lightning with a sharp pointed wire attached on top of a kite which led down to a key.
  • kith Were they not prosecuted after our departure for welcoming and receiving their kith and kin?
  • kiwi There she lays two eggs and then her family cares are practically over for the time being, since it is the male kiwi who does most of the setting.
  • kola The line along which the Russians were massed against him stretched from the point where the Niemen enters East Prussia, slightly east of Tilsit, along the eastern and southern border of East Prussia to the Vistula at Wloclawek, from there to the Warta at Kola, where it turns to the west, along and slightly to the east of this river through Uniejow-Zdouska-Wola to Novo Radowsk.
  • mba 2015 – The Daniels College of Business was the first business school to launch a challenge-driven MBA program.
  • nib Nib. Ay, immensely expotic!
  • rib In a few moments the nicely-cooked spare-rib was smoking on the table, together with hot coffee, boiled turnips and egg bread, which Southern cooks know so well how to make.
  • tibia When he jumps, he pushes the femur quickly away from the tibia.
  • tuba Trumpet Trumpet Trombone 2 Trombones 2 Trumpets 2 Horns 2 Horns Trombone Tuba Trombone + Tuba 2 Trombones Tuba
  • Lib "I needed a job awful bad," I answered sullenly, knowing it sounded like an ad lib.
  • Kaaba "Rise, Effendi," he cried, "dress and follow me; the Kaaba is open."
  • SBA Maarten and SBA Airlines.
  • KGB The Soviet Union was worried that they were losing their influence in Central Asia, so after a KGB report claimed that Afghanistan could be taken in a matter of weeks, Brezhnev and several top party officials agreed to a full intervention in Afghanistan.
  • vibe Absolute E-Sensual" (Sleazesisters Gay And Happy Vibe) 8:02 "Absolute E-Sensual" (FKB Extended Mix) 5:35 "Absolute E-Sensual" (US Old Skool Club Mix) 5:32 "Absolute E-Sensual" (US House Mix) 6:33 Maxi-single (US) "Absolute E-Sensual" (Original Mix) 4:21 "Absolute E-Sensual" (Old Skool Radio Mix) 4:36 "Absolute E-Sensual" (R & B Radio Mix) 4:36 "Absolute E-Sensual" (Jak-D-House Radio Mix) 4:17 "Absolute E-Sensual" (Old Skool Club Mix) 5:30 "Absolute E-Sensual" (Jak-D-House Club Mix) 6:32
  • Kim It must be that there is going to be a procession, was Kim Yong's reply.
  • Kirby Kirby Smith's brigade, about 1900 strong, was still upon the railway.
  • Gina Gina Marks (1973): American "psychic" con artist.
  • Kara "I think you know my name," said Kara easily, "I am a friend of poor Lexman's."
  • Kia Cape Fear District Crosswinds District (includes portions of former Dan Beard District) Great Northern District Hemlock District (includes portions of former Dan Beard District) Impeesa District (includes former Falls and Baden Powell Districts) Kia Kima District Mawat District Moore District Neuse River District Orange District Three Rivers District Tuocs District Counties served: Chatham, Cumberland, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Lee, Moore, Orange, Vance, Wake, and Warren.
  • Reba New York Citys Cool It Reba was a band that was part of the downtown post-punk/no wave scene in the early 1980s.
  • Kobe 370, 383 Kobe, stay at, ii.
  • Kiel In the harbour of Kiel it was not difficult to recognise the natural headquarters of a future German fleet; the narrow strip of land projecting between the two seas naturally suggested the formation of a canal connecting the Baltic with the German Ocean, and such a work could only belong to Germany at large or to its leading Power.
  • BIA Bia. Then is. And worth Your keeping.
  • IBO Languages: Spanish (official), French (official), pidgin English, Fang, Bubi, Ibo
  • NBA Aaron Marquez Miles (born April 13, 1983) is an American retired professional basketball player and current head coach of the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA G League.
  • TBA The first anti-thrombin aptamer, TBA, was generated through via SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment) technology in 1992 by L.
  • Chiba The British newspaper The Times claimed that the death penalty was effectively suspended on 17 September 2009 with the appointment of Keiko Chiba, who was a member of anti-death penalty MPs caucus group, as Minister of Justice.

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