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How to spell LESDING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "lesding" include "leading", "lending" or "leasing". It is important to carefully proofread and spell check written materials to avoid such errors and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lesding correctly

  • besting
  • ceding He had no intention of ceding control of the company.
  • jesting She couldn't stop the jesting comments from passing her lips no matter how hard she tried to be serious.
  • lading
  • landing The plane made a graceful landing at the airport.
  • Larding Larding the meat with bacon fat adds flavor and moisture to the dish.
  • lasting I'm Planning On Making This Memory Lasting For Always
  • Lauding The critics were lauding the actor's performance in the new film.
  • leading A leading architect must have a unique perspective to design buildings that lead the way in their field.
  • Leasing The company is leasing the new equipment.
  • lending My friend is lending me money to pay for my college tuition.
  • letting Letting go of past hurts can be challenging but necessary for personal growth.
  • Lisping I spent the day lisping my way through programming code.
  • listing I have to create a listing of all the items that were missing from the shipment.
  • loading I can smell the loading fumes from down the street.
  • Lording King George was behaving like a lording and his subjects were losing respect for him.
  • losing She was losing sleep over the thought of losing her job.
  • Lusting He couldn't help but feel lusting towards her beautiful figure.
  • nesting The bird was nesting in a tree.
  • Residing I am currently residing in an apartment in downtown.
  • Resting
  • Seeding Seeding a lawn in the fall will help it establish good roots before the winter dormancy period.
  • sledding I always loved going out on my sledding with my friends.
  • testing I have to run some testing before I can begin the presentation.
  • Vesting After three years with the company, the employee's vesting period ended and they were able to fully access their retirement benefits.

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