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How to spell LESEE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "lesee" could be "lessee", which refers to someone who rents or leases a property or "leisure", which means free time or relaxation. It is important to double-check spelling to ensure clear communication and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell lesee correctly

  • ese " Ese" is a colloquial Spanish term roughly meaning "dude" or "bro".
  • LASE
  • laser The doctor used a laser to remove the tattoo.
  • lease Can we please sign the lease before we go?
  • leased The apartment will be leased for two years.
  • Leaser As the leaser of the property, he was responsible for collecting rent from the tenants.
  • leases The company decided to renew their office leases for another two years.
  • lee The boat found shelter in the lee of the island during the storm.
  • leer I can't help but leer at her plump figure.
  • lees The wine had a layer of lees settled at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Les I need to borrow Les's laptop.
  • Lesa Lesa is excited to go to the amusement park today.
  • Lesley Lesley is my best friend from high school.
  • Leslie I always find Leslie really funny.
  • less I eat less steak.
  • lessee The lessee was responsible for maintaining the property during the term of the lease.
  • lessees Renowned lessees of London's theatres were the Darcys.
  • lessen Hopefully, this lesson will lessen the pain inflicted by my previous mistake.
  • lesser I took the lesser of two evils and ended up with a less painful outcome.
  • Lessie I have a lessie at home.
  • lest Mom said not to let the dog outside lest he run away.
  • Lester The Lester pencil is perfect for drawing diagrams.
  • levee The flooded city was saved by the construction of a levee along the riverbank.
  • levees The levees were damaged by the storm surge.
  • lose
  • loser He felt like a loser because he had failed his driving test for the third time.
  • see

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