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How to spell LEWER correctly?

If you meant to type "lewer" and it was misspelled, there are several possible suggestions. One could be "lower", which refers to something positioned beneath another object. Another option could be "liver", which is a vital organ in the human body. Lastly, "fewer" is a correct alternative, indicating a smaller quantity compared to a previous amount.

List of suggestions on how to spell lewer correctly

  • blower The blower cleared the leaves off the lawn in a matter of minutes.
  • ewe The ewe and her lamb grazed peacefully in the field.
  • ewer The hot water tank is filled with ewer.
  • fewer I would like to have fewer friends on Facebook.
  • flower The garden is full of beautiful flower beds.
  • glower
  • hewer I'm going to hewer some wood.
  • lear There are many benefits to becoming a lifelong lear.
  • lee I am Lee.
  • leer
  • leers The clown glared at me with leers on his face.
  • leery I didn't want to be leery of the dark, but I was still scared.
  • leger The leger in accounting refers to a record of transactions that have been settled but not yet cleared.
  • leper The leper colony was established to isolate people with the disease and prevent its spread.
  • lever
  • Lew I have a headache and Lew is giving me medicine.
  • loewe
  • Lowe Lowe's newest store is located on 72nd Street.
  • lower I need to lower the tool so I can reach the screw.
  • lowers Exercise regularly lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • Lowery Seeing as he was a first baseman, many people assumed Lowery would be a good hitter.
  • NEWER The newer version of the software has more features and improved performance.
  • sewer I need toClean up the sewer before the rain comes.
  • slower I need to walk slower because I have a sprained ankle.
  • veer The car had to veer to the left to avoid hitting the cyclist.

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