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How to spell LIGHS correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "lighs", fear not! The correct spelling should be "lights". This common mistake can be easily rectified by adding the missing 't.' So, next time you want to refer to those bright illuminations, remember to include all their letters and spell it as "lights."

List of suggestions on how to spell lighs correctly

  • highs After experiencing several lows, she finally reached new highs in her career.
  • lags This game lags terribly.
  • laughs Everyone in the room hears his booming laughs.
  • legs After running a marathon, my legs were sore and exhausted.
  • leigh I Leigh see her every day on my walk to work.
  • liars Liars never win.
  • LIDS I always forget to put the lids back on the markers and they dry out.
  • lieges The king's lieges pledged their loyalty to him during the coronation ceremony.
  • lies The politician was caught in a web of lies that had been meticulously crafted to hide his misdeeds.
  • light The sun was shining bright so the light was pouring into the room.
  • Lights I turned on the lights and found I couldn't open the door.
  • Lips She applied bright red lipstick to her lips before going out.
  • logs After the storm, we had to clear the logs that had fallen on the road.
  • lugs He carried the heavy suitcase with ease, thanks to the sturdy lugs on the bottom.
  • sigh After a long day at work, she let out a tired sigh.
  • sighs As he sat alone in the dark, he let out a series of heavy sighs that echoed off the walls.
  • sleighs The horses pulled the sleighs with ease.

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