How to Pronounce sigh?

Correct pronunciation for the word "sigh" is [sˈa͡ɪ], [sˈa‍ɪ], [s_ˈaɪ].

"Sigh" in context

Sigh is an expression or sound of deep regret, weariness or sadness. It is often associated with disappointment, dissatisfaction or fatigue. For most of us, sighing is a natural reflex when we experience an emotional surge. It can be a sign of stress or a way to acknowledge frustration when words don't seem to provide enough. Additionally, it is a signal of disengagement from an activity, an indication of surrender and sorrow, or even a sign of hopelessness.

Sighing can be soothing when we are upset and can signal to others that we may need comfort or to be left alone.

What are similar-sounding words for sigh?


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