How to spell LIKEA correctly?

If you mistakenly type "likea" instead of "like", fear not! Autocorrect often suggests a few helpful alternatives, such as "like", "lake" or "likewise". In addition to double-checking the suggestions, proofreading can save you from embarrassing misspellings and ensure clarity in your writings.

List of suggestions on how to spell likea correctly

  • alike The two sisters look alike.
  • bike
  • hike I went for a hike in the mountains with some friends last weekend.
  • ike
  • IKEA Is there anything I can put together for you at IKEA?
  • lake We went fishing at the lake last weekend.
  • lakes The lakes in this region are known for their crystal clear waters and abundant fish population.
  • lea The tree was situated at the edge of the lea.
  • Lice Lice infestations can be treated with medicated shampoos and combs.
  • licked
  • lie I cannot lie, honesty is essential.
  • lied He lied about his grades on his college application.
  • lief
  • lien The lienholder can request that the property be sold to satisfy the lien.
  • lies
  • lieu In lieu of attending the party, I stayed home and caught up on work.
  • life She went through life with a sense of humor.
  • like
  • liked
  • likely The weather is likely to be cloudy today.
  • liken I liken my home to a cozy nest.
  • likes
  • Lila I have a great niece named Lila.
  • lima Please bring my favorite banana, the lima variety.
  • lime I'll bring the lime for your iced tea.
  • Lina Lina looked lovely in her dress.
  • line I stood in the long line to buy concert tickets.
  • linear The slope of the linear regression line is 1.
  • linker The linker binds together the proteins of a protein complex.
  • lira I refuse to give them my lira.
  • Lire
  • Lisa Lisa is a great person.
  • lite I prefer to buy the lite version of my favorite snacks to save some calories.
  • live She's going to live to be 100.
  • liza My sister Liza is a very nice person.
  • luke
  • mike
  • nike I am wearing a pair of Nike sneakers.
  • pike I love heading out for a nice pike fishing trip.

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