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How to spell LLIGHTING correctly?

If you typed "llighting" instead of "lighting", fret not! Autocorrect mishaps are common. Here are a few suggestions: "lighting", "lightning", "liquidating" or "lilting". Double-checking spellings before hitting send can avoid confusion, but remember, mistakes happen to everyone.

List of suggestions on how to spell llighting correctly

  • Alighting Alighting from the bus, she stumbled on the uneven sidewalk.
  • Blighting The blighting of crops on the farm caused a significant decrease in earnings for the year.
  • Delighting Delighting in the colors of the sunset, she felt a sense of inner peace.
  • fighting The two friends were fighting over the last slice of pizza.
  • ligating After performing the ligating, he was able to resume his normal activity.
  • lighting The lighting in the room was too dim, so I turned on a lamp.
  • lightning
  • Plighting The candles were perfect for plighting and mood setting.
  • Righting The professor spent all weekend righting the mistakes in the student's research paper.
  • sighting Yesterday, I had a sighting of a bald eagle while I was hiking in the mountains.
  • slighting She made a slighting remark about his choice of clothing.

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