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How to spell LOKEATORY correctly?

If you meant to write "Lokeatory" but realize it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. Perhaps you meant "Locator" to refer to a tool or device that helps find something. Alternatively, you might have intended to write "Library" or "Laboratory" depending on the context. It's essential to verify the intended meaning to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell Lokeatory correctly

  • Aleatory The outcome of the game was completely aleatory, as luck and chance determined the winner.
  • Hortatory The teacher's hortatory speech inspired the students to work hard and never give up.
  • Laudatory The critic's review was laudatory, praising the actor's exceptional performance in the play.
  • Lavatory I quickly made my way to the lavatory to freshen up before the important meeting.
  • Lobectomy After the successful lobectomy, the patient experienced a significant improvement in their breathing.
  • Locator You can use the store locator on our website to find the nearest location to you.
  • Locators The GPS locators on our trucks help us track and manage the delivery of our products.
  • Oratory His skills in oratory captured the attention of the entire audience.
  • Rotatory Rotatory motion is often used in manufacturing to create precise and uniform cuts.

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