How to spell LOULD correctly?

We think the word lould is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell lould correctly

  • aloud And she sat reading aloud to her sister, there by the fire."
  • bold "Maggie," he began, "you may think me bold, but there is something I very much wish to know, and which you, if you choose, can tell me.
  • cloud Meg was more under a cloud than when she left Ribston Hall.
  • cold "But aren't you cold?
  • could How could he be sure?
  • fold "Yes," she faltered; "it may be that you can return all that we have done a hundred-fold.
  • fouled I read of some waters that are fouled with the feet of beasts, and with the feet of men, yea, and deep waters too.
  • gold "A heart of gold, my dear Mlle.
  • gould When Gould got the Western Union I knew no further progress in telegraphy was possible, and I went into other lines."
  • hold I take good care never to look at it so long as I can hold a book in my hand or watch passers-by in the street."
  • laud The divines, under Laud, appeared to approach to Catholicism; but it was probably only a project of reconciliation between the two churches, which Elizabeth, James, and Charles equally wished.
  • lilt But ever since I can remember anything I have aye been humming at some lilt or another, and it's been, for the maist part, airs o' my ain that I've hummed.
  • lld 14 December 1918 – 31 October 1922: The Honourable Arthur Neville Chamberlain MP 31 October 1922 – 1938: The Right Honourable Arthur Neville Chamberlain MP 1938 – 9 November 1940: The Right Honourable Arthur Neville Chamberlain MP FRS Honours Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) – 1938 Oxford University – DCL Cambridge University – LLD Birmingham University – LLD Bristol University – LLD Leeds University – LLD Reading University – DLitt Freedoms Honorary Freedom City of Birmingham Honorary Freedom City of London – conferred 1940 but died before acceptance, the scroll being presented to his widow in 1941 Arms Chamberlains arms were Gules eight Cinquefoils in orle Or Honorary Military Appointments 1939: Honorary Air Commodore, No 916 (County of Warwick) Balloon Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force
  • load Here the conversation stopped a few minutes, while Rollo went to wheel away a load of his sticks.
  • lobed Leaves from two to seven-lobed, usually five, with characteristic bluish-green color above and pale green below.
  • loll "In vain! He came to rest and sing with me And loll his fingers in the liquid cool, And drop slow tears, slow tears luxuriously Into the shadowy motion of the pool.
  • lolly Bonnaroo Beard & Mustache Competition Deas Vail Andrea Belanger The Beautiful Girls - Mat McHugh Solo & Acoustic Fresh Trix Breakdancing African Drum and Dance by Mawre & Company Gypsy Hands Tribal Dance Miss Lolly Pops Burlesque Coterie The Silent Disco: DJ Kraz Gypsyphonic Disko ft.
  • lord Do you know Lord Ferriby?"
  • loud Loud voices began to point it out, and the lumbermen stared stupidly upward.
  • lout A lout is a person who behaves in a rude or offensive manner.
  • loved
  • lowly I had no choice but to shovel the poorly shoveled snow off my doorstep.
  • lull I found myself quickly dozing off during the lull in the conversation.
  • lulu She loved playing with her lulu dolls.
  • mold The mold has grown overtime and is starting to create a problem.
  • mould These cups can be used for moulding and Casting.
  • mouldy
  • moult The animal moults to enhance its defence.
  • old Mom is using her old phone.
  • should
  • sold
  • wold
  • world
  • would
  • Lolled He held it a moment, letting her pull shyly away from him, while he lolled back in his chair, and laughed at her with his sad eyes.
  • Lollard It contained a promise to abjure all Lollard doctrines, and to perform a severe penance, such as the council should lay on her, for the scandal which she had caused to the Church.
  • Loped He turned the purloined pony on a dime and loped up the street, followed by the ribald laughter of Piney Jackson.
  • Lowed
  • Lulled I found myself lulled by the waves outside my window.
  • Told I was told to stay in the car.
  • Lola The afternoon waned, but Lola did not come.
  • Loyd
  • Lula After leaving prison, Lula began her political career.
  • lolls The Sybarite lolls upon the Martyr's throne, Lewd, ribald jests succeed to solemn zeal; And things of silk to Cromwell's men of steel.
  • loused I can't believe that she would louse up a perfectly good meal like that.
  • loudly Then he laughed more loudly.

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