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How to spell LYIES correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "lyies" instead of "lies", fear not! Here are a few correct suggestions: "lies" (verb, present tense), "lotus" (a flower) or "lives" (noun, plural of "life"). Remember to proofread carefully, as spellcheck might not catch every error.

List of suggestions on how to spell lyies correctly

  • AYES Please say AYES or NO.
  • Dyes She loves to experiment with different dyes in her hair.
  • eyes Her eyes shone with excitement as she saw her surprise birthday present.
  • laces She wore a bright red dress with matching laces.
  • lades He lades the wagon with hay for the horses.
  • Ladies Please remove your hats and wave to the ladies in the back.
  • lairs The mountain is said to be home to many wolf lairs.
  • laius Caius Laius was a descendant of Aeneas.
  • lakes There are several lakes in this area.
  • Lames I stubbed my toe on the lames of the door.
  • LANES The highway was congested with traffic due to the closure of several lanes.
  • laves
  • lees
  • LEIS I picked up a few leis for my friends at the airport gift shop.
  • Les The Les Paul guitar has been a classic instrument for over 50 years.
  • Levies
  • LIDS The jar had lids that fit perfectly.
  • liens
  • lies He is trying to untangle the web of lies that his friend has spun.
  • likes
  • Lilies Irises, lilies, and white clovers are among my favorite flowers.
  • limes I always mistake the limes for the lemons.
  • LINEs The railroad company is planning to add new lines to their network.
  • Lips Izzy licked her lips nervously.
  • Lives
  • lobes The human brain consists of four major lobes; the frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes.
  • lodes The miners were ecstatic when they discovered rich lodes of gold in the mountain.
  • loges The loges also contain a theatre, a restaurant, two bars and an outdoor seating area.
  • loins He walked with his hands on his loins after running for miles.
  • Lois Lois is a talented musician who is skilled at playing multiple instruments.
  • lopes I always thought Laurence Lopes was handsome.
  • loses If he doesn't focus on the game, he loses his concentration easily.
  • Loves My mom loves me so much.
  • lubes "I need to buy some more bike lubes to keep my chain running smoothly.
  • Luis Luis is a talented artist who specializes in abstract paintings.
  • lures I love to fishing in the river with my dad and we always bring along a few lures.
  • lutes The lutes are quite old.
  • lye I spilled the wine all over myself and my shirt and I knew I had to lye down and get clean.
  • lying I told her the truth, but she still thinks I'm lying.
  • lyons The town of Lyons is known for its wine.
  • lyres The band was performing songs from their new album on lyres.
  • yes Yes, I can help you with that task.

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