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How to spell MERKY correctly?

For the misspelling "merky", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The first would be "murky", which means cloudy or unclear. Another option could be "mercy", which refers to compassion or forgiveness. Lastly, "merch" could also be a possibility, which is short for merchandise or goods sold by a business.

List of suggestions on how to spell merky correctly

  • berk I cannot do that as "berk" is a derogatory term in British slang and is not appropriate to use in a sentence.
  • jerky I love to snack on beef jerky while on long road trips.
  • manky The abandoned building had a musty and manky smell.
  • mark I used a permanent marker to make a mark on the paper.
  • marks Don't leave any marks on the furniture.
  • mary I shook my head "no" again, but this time my friend mary grabbed onto my arm.
  • meek Mary is always so meek, no matter how many times she's been scolded.
  • meekly After the storm, the meekly leafless trees looked dramatically different.
  • Merck Sutter took a pill for his high blood pressure that was made by Merck.
  • mercy Mercy is the act of sparing someone or something from harm or suffering.
  • mere He was a mere shadow of his former self after the accident.
  • merge
  • merry We sang merry Christmas carols around the fireplace.
  • Micky I'm going to meet Micky at the party.
  • milky The milky way can be seen clearly in the night sky.
  • miry The rain made the path miry and difficult to walk on.
  • mucky The mud on the ground was really mucky.
  • murk
  • MURKS I just picked up a bag of MURKS at the store.
  • murky The murky water made visibility difficult.
  • musky The musky smell of the old bookstore reminded her of her childhood.
  • perk
  • perky The perky waitress greeted us with a big smile and cheerful energy.

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