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How to spell NABER correctly?

If you inadvertently misspell "naber", fear not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "neighbor", "navbar", "nabber", "laber" or "labor". Despite the error, you can easily rectify it by selecting one of these options, depending on the intended meaning of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell naber correctly

  • Abe
  • babe "Hey babe, where do you want to go for dinner tonight?
  • barber My dad is a barber who runs his own shop.
  • Bauer
  • buber I am a big fan of Buber's philosophy.
  • caber
  • Dabber I grabbed my dabber and began to play a game of bingo with my friends.
  • dauber The dauber was spotted on the porch.
  • fiber Fiber optics allow for fast, reliable internet connections.
  • haber Hay que haber estudiado para superar el examen.
  • Huber She's a Huber.
  • jabber
  • labor I need to labor over this project for weeks.
  • nab The police were able to nab the thief that had been eluding them for weeks.
  • Nabbed The criminal was nabbed at the scene.
  • nabob The wealthy nabob threw a lavish party at his estate.
  • nabs The police officer quickly nabs the thief running down the street.
  • Nader Nader is the most popular candidate for president.
  • nadir Her low point was the nadir of her career.
  • NAE Nae bother.
  • nagger She can be a real nagger at times.
  • NAIR
  • name
  • nape She pulled her hair back from her nape to give him a better view.
  • napier
  • napper The baby was a frequent napper during the day.
  • nasser
  • Nate He's always so nate.
  • natter I enjoy having a natter with my grandmother over a cup of tea.
  • nave In the church, the nave is the longest and widest section.
  • ne'er I shall ne'er forget that glorious day.
  • nearer I am nearer to the office.
  • neater My room is neater than it used to be.
  • NEBR
  • never I will never dye my hair blonde again.
  • NEWER The newer version of the software has added more features to help users.
  • NICER Nicer things don't happen to nice people.
  • niter The soil in this region is rich in niter, leading to high crop yields.
  • nobel The Nobel Prize is the highest honor in literature.
  • nobler It is nobler to be generous than to be selfish.
  • number This sentence does not contain the word "number.
  • saber He drew his saber and charged into battle.
  • sober I had to sober up for my DUI test.
  • tabor I am going to Tabor to see the play.
  • tiber The river Tiber divides the city of Rome in two.
  • tuber The tuber of the potato is what we commonly eat.
  • weber My uncle is a huge barbecue enthusiast and he swears by his Weber grill.

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