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How to spell PAES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "paes" instead of the intended word, here are some possible correct suggestions. If you were referring to bread made in India, the correct spelling is "p-a-v-e-s" or you might have meant "p-e-a-s", which refers to a type of green vegetable. Always double-check to ensure accuracy in your writing!

List of suggestions on how to spell paes correctly

  • Apes Apes are often used in scientific research due to their closeness to humans in terms of biology and behavior.
  • PACES The doctor monitored the patient's PACES during the stress test.
  • pads I need some pads to scrub the stains off my clothes.
  • PAGES I have read 100 pages of the book so far.
  • pales The beauty of the night sky pales in comparison to the radiance of the full moon.
  • pals I'm meeting my pals at the park later.
  • panes I need to replace the broken panes of glass in the window.
  • pans None of the pans fit in the oven.
  • PAPS
  • pares
  • PARS
  • pas
  • pass I need to study hard to pass my upcoming exams.
  • pates I ordered the chicken liver pates as an appetizer before my main course.
  • Pats My dog, Pats, is getting a little old.
  • paws The kitten stretched out its paws and curled up beside the fireplace.
  • pays
  • Peas I love adding peas to my pasta dish for some extra color and nutrition.
  • PEES He always pees with the door open, it drives me crazy.
  • PIES The pies at the Pies 'N' Thighs restaurant were delicious.
  • PRES

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