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How to spell PAYAING correctly?

The correct spelling of "payaing" should be "paying". Other possible correct spelling suggestions for this misspelling could include "payeing", "paiying" or "payning". It's important to double-check spelling to avoid errors in professional or personal communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell payaing correctly

  • Baying The baying of the hounds was heard in the distance.
  • haying My uncle is haying the fields today.
  • laying He was laying on the couch, taking a nap after lunch.
  • pacing The doctor was observed pacing back and forth in the hallway while waiting for the test results.
  • packing
  • padding I added some padding so that the document would not be too thin.
  • paging The doctor requested the nurse to start paging the surgeon.
  • Paining I feelPainting is a very Paining activity.
  • pairing
  • paling The wooden paling fence was in need of repair.
  • Palling I'm palling with my friends tonight, having a great time.
  • Panning
  • paring
  • parking The parking lot is completely full, so we'll have to find a spot on the street.
  • parring
  • Parsing The parsing of the text is the first step of the data analysis.
  • parting The parting of ways was inevitable after their disagreement.
  • passing She waved to the passing car as it drove down the street.
  • Patting Michael was patting his head and looking sad.
  • pauling I made a present for Pauling.
  • Pausing Pausing to catch her breath, she looked up at the mountain summit she was about to climb.
  • paving The sidewalk is badly in need of paving.
  • Pawing
  • Pawning He was forced to resort to pawning his father's watch to pay his rent.
  • paying I always try to make sure I am paying my bills on time.
  • playing The dog was playing with the ball.
  • Plying I spent my morning plying my favourite craft, pottery.
  • Praying
  • prying She was prying into his affairs and he didn't like it.
  • saying I am always saying that I'm going to do something, but never follow through.
  • spaying

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