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How to spell PLAUED correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "plaued", there are several correct suggestions. The correct spelling for this word is "plagued", which means to cause constant trouble or distress. Ensure you use the correct spelling, and remember to proofread to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell plaued correctly

  • laud
  • Paled The colorful sunset paled in comparison to the beauty of the snow-covered mountains.
  • Paused The movie was paused midway through for an intermission.
  • Pealed The church bells pealed joyfully throughout the town.
  • placed She placed her keys on the kitchen counter.
  • plague The plague spread rapidly through the population, causing widespread panic and death.
  • plagued The small town was plagued by an outbreak of the flu.
  • plaid He wore a plaid shirt and jeans to match.
  • Plaited
  • Planed I planed the wood to make it smooth and polished.
  • planned The party was planned to be held outside, but due to the weather forecast, they moved it indoors.
  • plaque The dentist detected a plaque buildup on my teeth and recommended that I brush more frequently.
  • plashed The raindrops plashed against the pavement.
  • plate I put the plate on the table.
  • Plated The salmon was beautifully plated with a colorful array of vegetables.
  • Platted The town was platted in 1836 by the surveyor.
  • played I played the piano for hours last night, practicing my new song.
  • Pleaded He pleaded with the judge for leniency in his sentence.
  • pleased I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the concert.
  • pleated The skirt featured a pleated design that added a touch of elegance to the outfit.
  • Plied The fishermen plied their nets in the hopes of catching a big catch.
  • plumed The plumed bird sat atop the tree, its colorful feathers shimmering in the sunlight.

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