What is the correct spelling for PLAUED?

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Correct spelling for PLAUED

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Possible correct spellings for plaued

  • laud It had a communion cup presented by Archbishop Laud.
  • palate But he, too, has failed to note the equally remarkable palate of the ragged orchid, just described, both provisions having the same purpose, the insurance of an oblique approach to the nectary.
  • pallet He is still labouring under fever, and does not leave his pallet.
  • pallid And as they walked the guest became aware Of a white figure in the twilight air, Gazing intent, as one who with surprise His form and features seemed to recognize; And in a whisper to the king he said: "What is yon shape, that, pallid as the dead, Is watching me, as if he sought to trace In the dim light the features of my face?"
  • piled The stage was in the greatest confusion-chairs and music stands being piled about as if a tornado had visited the place.
  • placed For one moment he was silent; then he put her gently in a seat and placed himself beside her.
  • plague May such dreams plague my enemies.
  • plagued He sails rather better than we do, and I don't see how we're going to get rid of him; and if we don't want to be plagued with him any longer, why we must fight him, that's all.
  • plaid At last, overcome with fatigue, she lay down on the ground, wrapped up in her plaid.
  • planned "I'm listening," he said, "though when I asked you to listen, and everything we'd planned our lives for depended on your hearing me, you refused.
  • plaque The bald head on the right door is a portrait of Ghiberti; that of the old man on the left is his father, who helped him to polish the original competition plaque.
  • plat There soon opened in front of them a small grass-plat, surrounded by bushes, and on the bench opposite, the lady in the white, neat dress, with a straw hat on her arm, her hair veiled with black lace-that lady was Marie Antoinette.
  • plate This would again be fatal to the trade of the River Plate.
  • platte And so I did, and spent the Christmas holidays on the cars, and tried to keep my heart and mind in a Christmas mood, but don't spoze I did, so many fond recollections and sad forebodin's hanted me as the cars swep' us on, on through the valley of the Platte river on to Denver.
  • played "I should have gone away before now," said the girl, thoughtfully, as her hands played with Helen's hair; "for I have someone else who followed me here that he might be near me; but I dare not go!
  • plead "That is all past, and you must plead to me.
  • pleased But you don't look pleased.
  • pleated This fashion is extremely convenient for walking or dancing, and nowadays, ladies throughout all Italy wear this pleated frock mentioned above.
  • plod As he saw Jonas reach the street and plod angrily homeward, he said to himself: I suppose I shall be in hot water for this; but I can't help it.
  • plumed A cry That banished fear of Conn's great blows From out the Fian ranks arose, As, like a plumed reed in a gust, Goll suddenly stooped-a deadly thrust That drew the first blood in the fray He darting gave ...
  • pulled He pulled out his watch, and decided that they would not be very long now.
  • valued Of what use now to him was wealth and rank, since she for whom alone he valued either was lost to him for ever?
  • Paled Eleanor paled a little.
  • Palled The topic palled upon both Aida and Christine.
  • Palmed Its virtues, unlike the novel devices that are palmed on the public with such pretentious certificates, have been tested by the infants of several generations.
  • Paused She paused, and he saw the reason.
  • Pealed We all started, as a sudden ring at the bell pealed through the house, waking John, and frightening the very children in their beds.
  • Pilled He bore a five foot ashen stick All scarred and pilled from many a click Beating in covert with his sons To drive the pheasants to the guns.
  • Plaited Saint Mary, the Egyptian, who is among them, covered with her tresses, which may easily be mistaken for a long plaited robe, is a saint of unfrequent occurrence in this part of France.
  • Planed Blocks of wood, to form the teeth, are then planed up, one face being a hollow curve to fit the circle of the wheel.
  • Platted The first session of the legislature of the new Territory of Wisconsin was held at the recently platted village of Belmont, in the present county of Lafayette.
  • Plated The tin round was passed up to the nickel-plated receptacle, that resembled a small bathtub with a cover, and piled anew.
  • Pleaded "I was so lonely, Jeff," she pleaded.
  • Plied Waylaid at every corner, and plied with numberless questions, he had hardly found an opportunity to come home to dinner, and now he had no time to waste in love-making.
  • Poled All day we poled round the shore of the lake, over flooded fields where the mustard had spread its cloth of gold a short week ago, over the very hedges we had scrambled through when duck-shooting in April, until in the evening we entered the river just below Sumbal.
  • Polled As an example of the longevity of the race, Mr Watson's celebrated cow, "Old Grannie," the first cow in the Polled Herd Book, died at thirty-five years of age.
  • Puled "Here puled the babes, and here the maids unwed With folded hands their sorry chance bewailed, Here wept the guiltless slain, and lovers dead, That slew themselves when nothing else availed; A thousand sorts of sorrows here, that wailed With sighs and tears, sobs, shrieks, and all yfere That oh, alas! it was a hell to hear.
  • Claude He paused and added: "Mr. Claude Heath-Miss Mansfield."
  • Pilate This Pilate willingly gave him, and he, bringing helpers, took the body from the cross and tenderly brought it to his own garden in which was a new tomb hewn out of the rock.
  • plashed From one of the walls a fountain plashed into a large shell garlanded with green aquatic plants and tenanted by several goldfish and frogs.

80 words made from the letters plaued

3 letter words made from plaued:

edp, lap, ade, pea, ale, pel, dal, pad, ape, pul, pud, led, lad, leu, adp, pal, pdl, epa, due, dle, lea, eld, alp.

4 letter words made from plaued:

pula, dale, uale, pude, dupe, paul, alep, daul, dual, auld, duel, dule, pual, plea, puel, leap, ladu, puea, leud, aupe, dalu, deal, lude, lead, lade, pule, peal, laud, lape, delu, elua, dupa, dula, leda, pudl, deul, pale.

5 letter words made from plaued:

upled, duela, leaud, plude, pueda, dealu, duale, eupad, padle, pedal, audel, duple, daule, delap, ulead, deula, plead, dupla, laude, pleau.

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