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How to spell PLEGES correctly?

The correct spelling for "pleges" is "pledges". Some possible suggestions for fixing this misspelling include using spell-check software, referring to a dictionary for correct spelling, and proofreading your work before submitting it. It's important to ensure that your spelling is accurate to convey a professional image.

List of suggestions on how to spell pleges correctly

  • alleges The defendant alleges he was shot by the police.
  • Elegies She couldn't help but feel emotional as she read through the elegies written in memory of her late grandmother.
  • ledges The cliffs overlook the ocean and the ledges are a great place to hike.
  • legs I'm going to the store to get some legs.
  • lieges The Lieges were very pleased with their new king.
  • loges The loges had been ADVANCED security measures installed after a previous break-in.
  • PAGES I have read all 500 pages of that book.
  • PEGS
  • plagues The deadly virus plagues the world.
  • pleas He begged for mercy and made emotional pleas to the judge.
  • pleases Please allow me to Pleases you.
  • plebes The plebes had to learn how to march in formation.
  • Plebs I can't believe the plebs would vote for me.
  • pledge I pledge to uphold the laws of the land.
  • pledged I pledged to do my best in achieving my goals.
  • pledges The charitable organization was able to raise a significant amount of money through the generous pledges of its donors.
  • plexus The solar plexus is a dense cluster of nerves and ganglia that controls the functioning of several organs in the body.
  • plies He carefully checked the plies of the wood before building the cabinet.
  • plugs He carefully inserted the plugs into every outlet to ensure that all of the electronic devices were working properly.
  • plunges The water plunges dramatically down the cliff.
  • purges We had to put down several purges of the staff to get to the truth.
  • sledges The kids pulled their sledges up the hill for another run down the snowy slope.

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