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How to spell PLOAR correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "ploar" instead of "polar", fear not! Here are some alternative suggestions to assist you: "plowar", "plor" or "ploray". However, the correct spelling you're looking for is indeed "polar."

List of suggestions on how to spell ploar correctly

  • alar The loud alar disrupted the peaceful atmosphere of the library.
  • lear
  • liar
  • lour
  • PAAR
  • Palomar I visited the Palomar Observatory last summer and was fascinated by the massive telescope.
  • par I shot one under par on the golf course today.
  • pear I can't believe I ate a pear.
  • pillar The giant marble pillar held up the roof of the temple.
  • plan I have formulated a plan to finish my work on time.
  • planar The design of the tables incorporated planar surfaces to showcase the intricate wood grain.
  • plat I want to buy a plat of pineapple.
  • play
  • plea The defendant was being forced to make a plea.
  • plead
  • pleas She made a heartfelt pleas to the judge to spare her son from a life sentence.
  • pleat The dress has a pleat at the front that adds a touch of elegance to it.
  • PLO The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded in 1964 to advocate for the rights of Palestinians.
  • plod The hiker continued to plod up the steep, rocky trail.
  • plop The frog jumped into the pond, making a loud plop.
  • plot The novel has a compelling plot.
  • plover The plover flew gracefully over the ocean waves.
  • plow The farmers use the plow to turn the soil.
  • ploy The salesman's last ploy to sell the product was to offer a free gift.
  • ploys The CEO was known for his clever ploys to increase sales and revenue for the company.
  • polar Polar bears are constantly struggling to find food.
  • poor I feel very poor today.
  • pour Could you pour me a glass of water, please?
  • pulsar The pulsar is a fast-spinning, highly magnetized neutron star.

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