How to Pronounce plow?

Correct pronunciation for the word "plow" is [plˈa͡ʊ], [plˈa‍ʊ], [p_l_ˈaʊ].

"Plow" in context

Plow is a tool used for tilling and cultivating soil since ancient times. It is usually made of wood, metal or stone and it is used to turn under, break up and aerate soil. Plowing is important in agricultural production because it increases soil fertility, enhances soil structure and nourishes greater crop yields. Plow blades can come in different shapes and sizes, with some designed to cut through tough soil, while others are better at maintaining a uniform depth of crop.

In modern times, plows have been modernized with more durable and powerful materials such as steel, fiberglass and polyurethane.

What are similar-sounding words for plow?


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