What is the correct spelling for PRECEPTIONS?

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Correct spelling for PRECEPTIONS

We think the word preceptions is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for preceptions

  • perception He is convinced that it has been all sin-not one isolated sin here and there abstracted from his life, but such a perception of his true character that he sees his whole life to have been sin.
  • reception It was in the empress's reception-room.
  • Deceptions And then he was in love with his wife, therefore open to deceptions without end, for is not all love a longing after what never was and never can be?
  • Perceptions Whether there is something in the mind that lies beyond the reach of observation, or whether perceptions themselves are the products of something which can be observed and which is not mind, are questions which can in no wise be settled by direct observation."
  • receptions With pride in the success, of a genuine Western girl, I have often observed her name among the invited guests present at receptions given to distinguished authors and philanthropists both of our own country and of Europe.
  • presumptions In the first place, all the presumptions are with the fisherman's contention.

590 words made from the letters preceptions

5 letter words made from preceptions:

erins, ipsco, ceren, conse, peret, cisne, niete, enero, neots, penor, icest, pesce, ences, csere, certo, pepsi, itpos, ceron, coser, copse, corni, peins, ineos, cipro, copei, ecton, eison, oncet, ctene, eroei, const, cseti, cerne, cores, penes, pents, neeco, citee, persi, epics, ceres, opepe, oncer, pecot, intro, nitre, itser, isere, orene, oestr, oeser, isone, cones, isner, pesco, pepto, orest, orent, cerio, coset, ctrip, citro, ippon, istoe, netco, opine, epper, esten, oners, coire, istre, ictrn, inset, neros, oints, citor, optic, coens, perns, corne, intoe, epton, erent, crest, crete, neepc, inscr, onces, niere, noite, oppen, erose, erect, itoen, cnote, cient, copen, epist, nipro, eisen, creno, etons, onset, eiron, peons, peire, notes, cipto, peros, ciste, perec, perno, nepic, nicor, crist, perie, cites, inose, inter, nieto, ippen, eosin, nerio, cenpi, niece, peres, cropt, crine, ircop, corte, enset, nocte, oster, pesti, peens, inese, conti, eines, pente, osier, niter, peson, enpei, creen, crops, nepos, cipot, nippo, peten, erion, irone, ierne, cines, erste, opens, ernes, enppi, cense, opter, nesci, noire, censo, noise, osite, eesti, ester, nepit, penie, netop, peers, crone, peice, ipsen, pecos, cions, neeti, iseco, opper, neste, entsi, pepin, pense, eneco, ensco, ornis, noirs, norse, ersin, perst, orten, creon, niort, ncrpo, coppi, corps, eorsi, corsi, pesci, peron, eteri, peets, espie, nepro, coner, enter, copie, coirs, neset, irons, crisp, ontic, nicot, erice, isnot, penis, ieper, eppes, cinto, nitro, ensor, creep, enets, centi, ciose, opsin, opere, icons, pecor, oeste, corse, perps, netes, penco, niese, penic, neeps, cione, esper, ister, iteco, orpin, nerts, crepe, orpen, peine, peope, ircon, neier, inert, orens, pepos, etens, etsin, inept, entre, cente, epice, oteri, coits, necro, ernst.

3 letter words made from preceptions:

not, est, nit, crp, net, top, tri, eon, crt, see, pot, neo, nip, ceo, sir, ese, ion, ies, tin, ore, cpi, sic, cpr, pop, iso, etc, ret, tie, rep, cro, eos, sit, tic, oct, tor, ect, pen, ppi, pre, set, stp, pes, otc, sec, cio, sin, pin, cns, nee, cot, pit, ice, pet, esr, opt, irs, poi, ern, cis, pic, toe, son, rip, cps, tpn, sip, cer, cos, nsc, pst, roe, epi, nec, pct, cst, cop, ten, tee, one, pee, roc, rio, poe, ipo, sep, psi, pep, ent, ton, tip, sot, sop, sen, pie, pcp, ire, rit, ops, ert, tec, nrc, pro, ron, tcp, prc, per, pei, con, res, pip, eec, rot, ene, ter.

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