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How to spell PULLA correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "pulla" could be "pula", "pulla" or "pulo" depending on the intended word and language. It is important to check the spelling and context to ensure accurate communication, especially in important or formal settings.

List of suggestions on how to spell pulla correctly

  • bull The farmer had a huge bull in his field.
  • cull The farmer decided he needed to cull some of the older chickens from his flock.
  • dull The party became dull after everyone left early.
  • Ella Ella loves going to the park with her friends.
  • Eula Eula is the prettiest girl in our grade.
  • full
  • gull
  • hula Some people perform the hula dance during various celebrations.
  • hull
  • Luella A woman named Luella used to live next door to me when I was a kid.
  • Lula Lula was a charismatic leader who transformed Brazil's economy.
  • lull After each harsh argument, we would sit in silence, exchanging few words until the argument would lull.
  • mull One often hears the word "mull" used when discussing something which is not working out.
  • mullah The mullah was the religious leader of the local Muslim community.
  • null In mathematics, a null space is a set with no elements.
  • paella I love paella, it's one of my favorite dishes.
  • pall The pall bearers carried the casket into the church.
  • palls The heavy rain palls the atmosphere of the street.
  • pally I'm not sure you're allowed to be so pally with the boss.
  • Paula
  • pill I take a pill every morning for my allergies.
  • pillar I used to have a pillar of fear standing in my way, but now I'm free.
  • pills I took a few pills to help me sleep.
  • plea The defendant entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.
  • polka My Mum is a big fan of polka music.
  • poll With unemployment at 9%, the poll suggests that people are feeling the pinch.
  • polls The election is still too close to call, and polls continue to show conflicting results.
  • Polly
  • puebla I visited Puebla, Mexico and tried the famous dish called "mole poblano".
  • pule
  • Puled
  • pules The bird was pecking at the pules.
  • pull I'll have to pull the trigger to fire the gun.
  • pulled I pulled the lever to the left, and the train came to a stop.
  • puller The tire changer used the puller to remove the old seal.
  • pullet The farmer picked up the pullet and added it to the other chickens in the coop.
  • pulley She tied the rope around the pulley and shouted for help.
  • pulls
  • pulp I am reading a science fiction novel about a post-apocalyptic world where the only people are animals and the pulp on the
  • pulpy The orange juice was pulpy and delicious.
  • pulsar
  • pulse I can feel my pulse pounding in my head.
  • puma The puma is a sleek and powerful predator that can run at incredible speeds.
  • pupa The caterpillar will soon enter its pupa stage and transform into a butterfly.
  • purl Purl is a type of yarn made from the hair of a pig, sheep, or goat.
  • purls She loves the way the purls look in her knitting project.
  • sulla
  • Tull Tull painted landscapes of the British Isles.

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