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How to spell PUTINS correctly?

If you are looking for alternative correct spellings for "putins", here are a few suggestions: "Putin's" (to indicate possession by Russian President Vladimir Putin), "puffins" (a type of bird) or "puts in" (used when someone inserts or includes something). It's important to ensure the correct spelling based on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell putins correctly

  • outings We plan to go outings often this weekend.
  • pains She took a painkiller for her migraines that caused her stomach pains.
  • patina The patina on the old copper pots gave them a beautiful old look.
  • patinas The patinas on the antique bronze utensils were exquisite.
  • Patine
  • pins I need to buy some pins to hem my pants.
  • Pities " Pities the fool who thinks he can outrun the winter.
  • pitons The climbers placed pitons in the climbing anchors to secure their grip.
  • potions I need some potions to help me recover from my cold.
  • Pouting
  • puffins The puffins were so cute I wanted to take them home.
  • PUNS The puns in this sentence are killer.
  • Purines Purines are nitrogen-containing compounds found in many foods that can be metabolized into uric acid.
  • Putin
  • puts She puts on her shoes before leaving the house.
  • Putties Jim loved to feel the smooth texture of his army putties as he wrapped them tightly around his ankles.
  • putting I am putting on a jacket because it's cold outside.
  • putts He made two consecutive putts to clinch the golf tournament.
  • TINS I stored the leftovers in tins to keep them fresh.

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