How to spell QOUTA correctly?

We think the word qouta is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell qouta correctly

  • coat I'll get my coat."
  • cot "We can fix up a cot at once," she replied.
  • court You have been to Earl's Court?"
  • cut That was cut off something over a week ago.
  • goat The goat staggered, she was so ill.
  • gouda The Prince, after having made proclamation from the town-house enjoining "modesty upon the mob" and a general abstention from "perverseness and petulance," went his way to Haarlem, where he dismissed the magistrates and appointed new ones, and then proceeded to Rotterdam, to Gouda, and to Amsterdam.
  • gout He thought, perhaps, with his tendency to gout, it would scarcely be prudent to expose himself to the night air, and-er-to Kitty Sherrard's chicken salad; and, besides, he really was not justified in postponing the drawings of some maps to illustrate the position of Temple's Brigade at the battle of Chancellorsville; for, like all other dilettanti, General Temple's work was always of present importance and admitted of no delay whatever.
  • gouty And then there was a return quintuplication, in choice Latin, by the classic Dale, and then there was a colloquy on the quintuplication, and everything that had been charged, and truly charged, by the English; was now denied by the King's commissioners; and Champagny-more gouty and more irascible than ever-"chopped in" at every word spoken by King's envoys or Queen's, contradicted everybody, repudiated everything said or done by Andrew de Loo, or any of the other secret negotiators during the past year, declared that there never had been a general cessation of arms promised, and that, at any rate, times were now changed, and such an armistice was inadmissible!
  • gut He did not draw rein until it was nearly time for the Pass to begin narrowing and humping upward to the narrow gut at Ali Masjid.
  • jot Not one jot of it was different.
  • jut What those of the root Jut- as the name of the inhabitants of the peninsula of Jutland?
  • out Just the spakin' out has done me good.
  • qatar Qatar: definition: age 15 and over can read and write
  • quad It boots not to tell What you'll guess very well, How some sang the requiem, some toll'd the bell; Suffice it to say, 'Twas on Candlemas-day The procession I speak of reached the Sacellum: And in lieu of a supper The Knight on his crupper Received the first taste of the Father's flagellum; - That, as chronicles tell, He continued to dwell All the rest of his days in the Abbey he'd founded, By the pious of both sexes ever surrounded, And, partaking the fare of the Monks and the Nuns, Ate the cabbage alone without touching the buns; -That year after year, having run round the Quad With his back, as enjoin'd him, exposed to the rod, Having not only kissed it, but bless'd it and thank'd it, he Died, as all thought in the odour of sanctity, When,-strange to relate! and you'll hardly believe What I'm going to tell you,-next Candlemas Eve The Monks and the Nuns in the dead of the night Tumble, all of them, out of their bed in affright, Alarm'd by the bawls, And the calls and the squalls Of some one who seemed running all round the walls!
  • quit "Tell him I've quit," Sam insisted.
  • quite No; you're quite right.
  • quito This unwelcome intelligence was followed by accounts of the further defection of some of the principal towns in the north, and of the assassination of Puelles, the faithful lieutenant to whom he had confided the government of Quito.
  • quoit The quoit brooch is a type of brooch found from the 5th century and later during the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain that has given its name to the Quoit Brooch Style to embrace all types of Anglo-Saxon metalwork in the decorative style typical of the finest brooches.
  • quota
  • quote
  • Got There now, dearie, I've got you all safe!
  • Qua But so long as, and in so far as, there is a "standing for" instead of a "being," the mystic, qua mystic, is defrauded of his direct communion with the Ground of things.
  • Quoth He quoth, "I know not where thou goest, but I will follow thee.
  • quotas All employees are required to meet a quota.
  • QT Pick over and clean 1 qt. of dried apples; soak in enough water to cover.
  • GOTTA Ve gotta have it in de right set; and ven you git a real mob, it don't alvays do vot you vant exactly!
  • QTY 1995 - McAlmont and Butler - The Sound of McAlmont and Butler singles: "Yes", "You Do" 2002 - McAlmont and Butler - Bring It Back singles: "Falling", "Bring it Back" 2006 - McAlmont and Butler single: "Speed" The Tears 2005 - The Tears - Here Come The Tears singles: "Refugees", "Lovers" Trans 2013 - "Red" EP 2014 - "Green" EP Collaborator/producer Manic Street Preachers - The Drowners and Stay with Me (1994) Live recordings appeared as B-sides to the Manics She Is Suffering Aimee Mann - Im With Stupid (1995) Neneh Cherry - Man (1996) Booth and the Bad Angel - Booth and the Bad Angel (1996) Hopper - English And French (1996) Bert Jansch - Crimson Moon (2000) and Edge of a Dream (2002) Heather Nova - South (2001) Bernard & Edwyn - "Message For Jojo" (2001) The Libertines - "What a Waster" (2002), "Dont Look Back into the Sun" (2003) Mark Owen - "Four Minute Warning" (2003), co-wrote b-side "Jay Walker" Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Shoot from the Hip (2003) The Veils - The Runaway Found (2003), Sun Gangs (2009) The Cribs - "Youre Gonna Lose Us" (2005) 1990s - Cookies (2007), Kicks (2009) Sharleen Spiteri - Melody (2008) Sons And Daughters - This Gift (2008) Cajun Dance Party - The Colourful Life (2008) Duffy - Rockferry (2008) Black Kids - Partie Traumatic (2008) Tricky - Knowle West Boy (2008) Duke Special - I Never Thought This Day Would Come (2008) Cut Off Your Hands - You And I (2008) Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You (2009) Tommy Reilly - Words on the Floor (2009) Fyfe Dangerfield - "Faster Than the Setting Sun" and "She Needs Me", Fly Yellow Moon (2010) Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You (2010) Nerina Pallot - Year of the Wolf (2011) Richard Walters - Pacing (2011) Natalie McCool - Thin Air (2012) Texas - The Conversation (2013) Teleman - Cristina (2013) Frankie & The Heartstrings - The Days Run Away (2013) Teleman - Steam Train Girl (2013) Trans - Red EP (2013) Daley - Days & Nights (2014) Trans - Green EP (2014) Ben Watt - Hendra (2014), Fever Dream (2016) Teleman - "Breakfast" (2014) Flowers - "Do What You Want To, Its What You Should Do" (2014) The Rails - "Habit" (2014) Paloma Faith - "Beauty Remains" (2014) Shaun Keaveny - "Please Dont Get Me Anything for Christmas" (2015) Kate Jackson - British Road Movies (2016) The Tyde - "The Curse In Reverse" (2016) QTY - "Rodeo" (2016) Mark Eitzel - Hey Mr Ferryman (2017) QTY - "QTY" (2017)
  • QUOT
  • outta Git some of the dust outta our throats and have a chance to say Howdy to some friendly folks- You'd be more likely sayin' Howdy to a Yankee prison guard if you did that, Drew replied.

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