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How to spell QUTED correctly?

If you meant to write "quoted" but mistakenly typed "quted", fear not! Here are some suitable alternatives: quoted, quieted, quitted, quited. Always double-check for typos to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell quted correctly

  • CUED I was cued to get up early for my meeting.
  • cute
  • Equated The teacher equated studying with success.
  • Gated The gated community had security guards at every entrance.
  • gusted The wind gusted fiercely, making it difficult to walk straight.
  • Gutted I was absolutely gutted when I found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for.
  • jute The jute plant is a traditional fiber in hot climates.
  • Jutted The cliff jutted out over the ocean, offering an incredible view of the sunset.
  • kited She kited across the lake.
  • muted The sound of the television was muted.
  • outed The celebrity was outed as gay by a tabloid newspaper.
  • qed
  • quad The quad bikes were great for exploring the countryside.
  • quested
  • queued I was queued for an hour before I could get my turn.
  • quid I'll lend you the quid so you can buy a coffee.
  • Quieted
  • quilted My aunt's quilted pillow is the most comfortable thing in the house.
  • quite " Quite a few people like to attend the theater.
  • quoited
  • quote The speaker began his speech with a famous quote by Winston Churchill.
  • Quoted "No one understands quantum mechanics," quoted Einstein.
  • ted After the show was over, Ted announced that he was going to bed.

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