How to Pronounce jute?

Correct pronunciation for the word "jute" is [d͡ʒˈuːt], [d‍ʒˈuːt], [dʒ_ˈuː_t].

What are the misspellings for jute?

"Jute" in context

Jute is a natural fibre coming from the plant of the same name. It grows in many different parts of the world such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal and more. Jute is well known for its strong, durable, and long lasting property, it has been used since ancient times and is still widely used around the world today.

Jute is very similar to hemp, and can be used in a variety of ways. It is commonly used to make household products, carpets, rugs and mats, as well as containers, bags and clothing. Other uses include horse bedding, soil erosion control and as insulation materials.

What are similar-sounding words for jute?


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