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How to spell RATGE correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "ratge" and are wondering what the correct spelling could be, consider "rage" instead. It's a common term that denotes intense anger or frustration. Another possibility could be "rate", which refers to a measure or comparison of something.

List of suggestions on how to spell ratge correctly

  • rag He used an old rag to clean the spills on the kitchen counter.
  • RAGA Raga is a term used in Indian classical music to refer to a melodic framework for improvisation and composition.
  • rage The student's paper was soaked in red ink and filled with comments, causing her to burst into a fit of rage.
  • Raged
  • ragga
  • ragged
  • rake The gardener used a rake to gather the fallen leaves.
  • Rang
  • range The range of products in this store is incredible.
  • ranger The ranger led us through the dense forest to a clearing where we could camp for the night.
  • rangy The athlete had a tall, rangy build that allowed him to move quickly and gracefully on the field.
  • rat
  • rate The interest rate on your loan is 3%.
  • Rated The movie received an R-rated classification due to its violent and explicit content.
  • Rater As a rater, it is important to remain objective when evaluating the performance of employees.
  • rates The interest rates on my credit cards are much higher than I would like.
  • Rats Rats are notorious for running through the sewer system.
  • Ratted She ratted out her best friend to get a promotion at work.
  • ratter My neighbor has a ratter dog that is excellent at catching rats in his barn.
  • rattle The sound of the snake's rattle warned us to stay away.
  • ratty Her ratty old coat didn't fit well, so she decided to take it off.
  • ravage
  • retie
  • ridge In the area, the ridge runs along a large hillside.
  • rite The next day, she attended her Catholic rite of passage ceremony.
  • rote He memorized the multiplication tables through rote practice.
  • rouge I applied my lipstick in time for my date tonight; I didn't want to seem too expensive by wearing too much rouge
  • RTE

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