Correct spelling for RECEIVEING

We think the word receiveing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for receiveing

  • receding Even before they reached it, the waters were manifestly receding a little, and, when they again stopped in front of Mr. Rosenstein's store, it was pretty well understood that the first peril was over.
  • receive In truth, Napoleon was in no mood to receive advice.
  • received You received my letter?
  • receiver Bob jumped for the receiver.
  • reliving
  • reviving
  • Deceiving I did not suspect him of deceiving me, though he stumbled somewhat in his narrative.
  • Perceiving In a few moments the hunter had the satisfaction of perceiving that it was quite dead.
  • Receiving They had been joined by several prairie-wolves; and these were snarling and snapping-now driving off the birds, and now receiving a blow from the long wings of the latter, that caused them to growl more fiercely than ever.
  • Recessing
  • Reciting
  • Reeving
  • Relieving
  • Reserving
  • receives If the judge receives their report and sticks to the statutes, if he never shows that he was anxious about their verdict, and merely views it as a number, it is no wonder that in the end the expert also regards his work as a mere number, and loses interest.
  • receivers Bill Hood, the afternoon operator, was sitting in his shirt sleeves with his receivers at his ears, smoking a corncob pipe and awaiting a call from the flagship Lincoln of the North Atlantic Patrol with which, somewhere just off Hatteras, he had been in communication a few moments before.

273 words made from the letters receiveing

4 letter words made from receiveing:

gciv, eien, ingi, cere, give, nece, reeg, erne, ving, gene, nige, gien, eini, veni, egin, enic, inge, cive, grce, ngee, eire, rece, cing, gvir, cree, veng, erni, erce, egri, revi, reen, even, egen, erie, cene, vice, vein, rice, geci, vine, iing, iive, nive, ecer, veen, ring, engi, rege, inec, vien, rein, erei, nice, veer, eier, grin, ever, vier, rive, reni.

6 letter words made from receiveing:

givner, enever, receiv, ceneri, griece, recgen, revcen, genevi, viring, greene, reicin, greven, ericin, vierge, einige, evince, nervii, cringe, grieve, recien, erving, renege, cervin, irving, crveni, vergne, gervin, gencer, energi, venere, ricing, girnie, eigner, geneve, cenere, vierne, vergin, venice, greece, virgin, iverni, negeri, reigen, eigene, vereen, venier, everen, rience, neicer, vinger, veiner, genere, recine, vergee, erence, irenic, givein, vinier, venire, veneer.

3 letter words made from receiveing:

gee, ige, cer, rig, eec, vcr, erg, nig, ene, vii, vie, nec, ice, nee, ecg, nrc, rev, gin, eve, ern, ire, gen, eeg.

5 letter words made from receiveing:

givin, evere, ciger, vigne, ceren, giver, veren, gerin, verne, erice, vieri, genic, cieri, vence, creve, egner, giric, grein, regev, regni, renge, reive, ierne, creen, renig, green, icier, grece, verni, icing, niger, greci, vegie, ergin, vigen, rence, rieve, vieni, cervi, giner, ergen, gerne, cerne, viren, enver, vengi, nerve, evren, igene, rieng, givee, igive, enger, nervi, negri, niver, griev, rivne, eeven, neier, vener, riege, erceg, ricin, niere, neige, veere, viger, invig, iring, reeve, reing, genre, grine, gener, einie, venir, eerie, niece, genri, eigen, negre, neger, igric, gieen, ering, eenie, vieng, never, civie, reign, inger, crine, eiger, ringe, neive, nieve, vinge, cring, giren, viene, geier, given, iceni, verge, negev, verin, reege.

7 letter words made from receiveing:

inverie, cervine, viering, reiving, recieve, generic, veering, veinier, creeing, vincere, receive, evgenii, energie, regiven, vergine, energii, rieving, revenge, greenie, cinergi, cervini, inceive.

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