Correct spelling for RECEIVERD

We think the word receiverd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for receiverd

  • receive You may obey the instructions you shall receive to the letter.
  • received I have received no despatches.
  • receiver So to supper and to bed with my mind in mighty great ease and content, but my head very full of thoughts and business to dispatch this next month also, and among others to provide for answering to the Exchequer for my uncle's being Generall- Receiver in the year 1647, which I am at present wholly unable to do, but I must find time to look over all his papers.
  • reserved The case is reserved for the lord's presence.
  • Deceived Helen was deceived-and so easily.
  • receives When a writer receives such an order it would seem that at least a part of his task is already done for him; but this is not the case, he still must seek that most important things-a story.
  • receivers The dendrites serve two purposes: first, they extend the surface of the cell-body, thereby enabling it to absorb a greater amount of nourishment from the surrounding lymph; second, they act as receivers of stimuli from other neurons.

154 words made from the letters receiverd

4 letter words made from receiverd:

5 letter words made from receiverd:

diver, creer, recer, riced, rider, deere, reede, erdei, drere, dirce, crier, eider, verdi, erice, derve, crede, vedic, cider, veere, ceder, drive, verre, cedre, reder, creve, ricer, vired, vrede, devic, rieve, creed, reive, rever, decir, vecdi, recre, reird, drier, redec, deeve, reric, reeve, dicer, river, dever, drice, deice, direr, rived, vreed, evere, reier, derer, cervi, riede, cidre, eerie, verri, erede.

3 letter words made from receiverd:

dec, eve, dre, rev, cer, eec, vie, err, vcr, red, ire, rid, die, ice.

6 letter words made from receiverd:

drever, ederer, crider, revied, devere, dreier, reeder, deicer, deever, recede, reever, reider, rederi, decree, revere, veeder, reived, verier, revire, vierde, receiv, deceiv, derive, videre, creede, device, revier, cierre, riever, eerier, driver, reeved, cervid.

7 letter words made from receiverd:

deceive, driever, receive, recived, reedier, crevier, reverie, redrive, recieve, verdier, revered.

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