Correct spelling for RECIEVINN

We think the word recievinn is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for recievinn

  • receding A drop, showing fields in green and a receding road in brown, filled the back.
  • receive However this might be, he was very glad to receive his sixpence from Holt.
  • received Ray had written to him and received no reply.
  • receiver "All right," Tom finally answered, as he hung the receiver up, "I'll be here," and then he turned to Ned, whose curiosity had been growing with the telephone talk, and remarked: "That certainly was wonderful!"
  • reliving And there while my body, the shell of me, loitered in that strange city, I was myself four thousand miles and a quarter of a century away, reliving, with a conscious passion that boyhood never knew, a moment caught up, like a torch, out of the smouldering wreckage of the past.
  • revising But it is something curious that while revising this volume a few years ago, I met a paragraph in the Morning Post newspaper, relative to this very lady-now dead upward of five hundred years-and dated August 26th, 1831; almost the very anniversary-day of Sir William Wallace's death!
  • reviving At this time, however, the streets are crowded with teams, fair prices are paid for produce, debts are being liquidated, the merchants and mechanics are busy and satisfied, and every interest is reviving.
  • Deceiving But if he had any he had but the most rudimentary notion of truth in the inward parts, and could deceive the better that he did not know he was deceiving.
  • Perceiving But not perceiving any in a great space, he took the liberty, as he passed onward, to put the question again to the boatmen; and to make inquiry about these birds.
  • Receiving The day after receiving this John and Charles set out and rode down to Lincolnshire together.
  • Reciting She said: "You are reciting verses that I do not know.
  • Reefing We were proceeding slowly against the wind, when suddenly a thunder squall struck the sail, and the waves rushed into the boat: even the sailors acknowledged that our situation was perilous; but they succeeded in reefing the sail; the wind was now changed, and we drove before the gale directly to Calais.
  • Reeving "What! the reeving ravenous set who have carried destruction as their flag, and filled the coast with desolation; aided and abetted in plunder, and brought over malcontents from evil lands, and scattered them like flax-seed over the country! Cornwall-Devon-Essex-Kent-Sussex-everywhere; -disturbed ourselves, so that by night as well as day we lack repose; and are forced to be our own watch-dog, to the great discomfort and danger of our body, and the vexation of our soul! Pardon for such as they! Dalton we might pardon, we have reasons for it; but his ship-it shall burn upon the high seas, as an example to all like it; and, as to his crew,-why not a scoundrel could be found robbing a hen-roost who would not declare himself one of Hugh Dalton's gang! To send you, too, as his ambassador!"
  • Relieving He was in a passion that was relieving itself by a torrent of low voiced curses-curses only just audible but intensely thrilling in their half-whispered tones of passion.
  • Reserving He had sailed away that morning, bidding her a kind farewell, but reserving his last look and handclasp for Bertha; and as the two girls walked back together from the beach, stopping to call on Zeba Osterhaus and Mrs. Updyke by the way, she could but notice how quiet her friend seemed, and mentioned it later to Miss Prue, with the bold comment,-- "She will miss Jasper greatly, for, as I understand, they have been together almost constantly these last two months."
  • Riving It was like the riving of thunderbolts above the roar of floods-elemental, prophetic, threatening, ungovernable.
  • receives Now, Maria, I should be sorry to think ill of her for your brother's sake but you must allow, when a young person in her station receives constant visits from young gentlemen-gentlemen so much above her as Sir Edwin is-it looks very like-" "Oh, Henrietta," cried Miss Grey, the womanly feeling within her forcing its way, even through her placid non-resistance, "do stop!
  • sieving The drier is simply a frame upon which is nailed a large surface of wire sieving, directly under which are coils of hot steam pipes.

148 words made from the letters recievinn

4 letter words made from recievinn:

erni, eien, vien, nein, even, cene, rece, veni, nine, nece, inec, erne, venn, eire, cere, reen, nice, erei, vice, cenn, vine, vier, revi, reni, enic, veen, nive, veer, rein, cive, vein, rive, cree, eini, eier, erie, ecer, erce, rice, ever, iive.

6 letter words made from recievinn:

neicer, cinene, revcen, neriin, evince, recine, nevern, cervin, vierne, nervii, irenic, cinven, iverni, recien, neinei, vinier, venine, receiv, reicin, innere, veiner, venner, venier, ienner, venini, ericin, crveni, rience, venice, venire, ceneri.

3 letter words made from recievinn:

ern, vie, eve, cer, vcr, eec, vii, ire, nrc, rev, nee, ene, nec, nne, ice, inn.

5 letter words made from recievinn:

innie, creen, vieri, cerne, neier, rence, vinne, nerve, verne, verin, ennie, reive, viren, civie, ceren, ierne, rinne, vieni, niere, renin, erice, icier, venir, neive, vence, verni, crine, nervi, evren, ricin, einie, iceni, vener, veren, niece, niver, rieve, rivne, einin, cieri, never, nicen, creve, einen, enver, viene, nieve, cervi, nicin, niner, inner.

7 letter words made from recievinn:

cervini, cervine, vincere, veinier, inverie, inceive, nivnice, enriven, cinerin.

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