How to spell REMAN correctly?

If the word "reman" has been inadvertently misspelled, there are a few possible correct suggestions to consider. One option could be "remain", which means to stay or be left behind. Another option might be "remane", a variation of the word "mane" referring to a long, thick growth of hair on the neck of an animal such as a horse.

List of suggestions on how to spell reman correctly

  • Bremen I have never been to Bremen, but I have heard it's a lovely city.
  • crewman The captain ordered the crewman to hoist the sails.
  • fireman
  • foreman The foreman assigned tasks to each worker on the construction site.
  • freeman As a freeman, he exercised his right to vote in every election.
  • german I am studying german language to communicate with my german friends.
  • herman
  • man
  • mean
  • merman The merman swam gracefully through the coral reef, his iridescent scales glowing in the sunlight.
  • rama
  • Ramon Ramon is a great cook, his specialty is Paella.
  • Ran
  • ream John drank his ream of espresso.
  • rein To rein in a horse, you must use your hands and legs to control its movements.
  • rem
  • remain
  • remains The remains of the tree are still visible.
  • remand
  • REMAP Despite the mishap, she was able to remap her computer to her new house.
  • remind I set an alarm to remind me of my dentist appointment tomorrow.
  • Rena
  • riemann Riemann's work in mathematical analysis significantly influenced the development of modern physics.
  • roan He was a huge, noble roan.
  • roman The ancient Roman Empire was one of the most significant powers in history.
  • Romano
  • Romans The Romans built impressive architectural marvels, such as the Colosseum and aqueducts.
  • romany
  • truman President Truman was greatly admired for his skillful handling of the Korean War.

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