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How to spell REPAT correctly?

If you find yourself repeatedly misspelling "repat", don't worry! Here are a few correct suggestions for this common typo. You could try "repeat", "repay" or "repair". Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication in your written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell repat correctly

  • Crept I crept through the dark forest, trying to avoid making any noise.
  • pat He gave my head a pat to show his approval of my efforts.
  • peat The farmers in the bog region use peat as fuel.
  • rapt She was so rapt in the movie that she didn't even notice when her phone buzzed.
  • rat
  • RCPT
  • re-peat
  • react I always react with excitement when I see my favorite band perform live.
  • read
  • reap If you plant the seeds, you will reap the fruits of your labor.
  • reit
  • rep Rep for resolutely.
  • Repaid She finally repaid her debt after years of saving her money.
  • repaint I need to repaint my bedroom because the walls are starting to look outdated.
  • repair I need to schedule a repair for my car's brakes.
  • repast I have a repast coming your way.
  • repay
  • repeat I will have to repeat the instructions since you didn't understand it the first time.
  • repeats
  • repent I need to repent for my past actions.
  • report
  • repute She is now known for her repute as a crime novelist.

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