Correct spelling for REPATE

We think the word repate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for repate

  • pate There stood Lady Jocelyn with Andrew, fretting his pate.
  • rapt Angelina had turned in her chair; her eyes were gazing, with rapt attention, toward the purple dusk by the window.
  • rate At any rate, not yet.
  • rebate Only Norris and Hawkins refused to be downcast; Norris, because he had been accustomed to battle, and had learned through discipline to rebate his natural qualms; with Hawkins, it was his dulled moral sense.
  • relate They can relate stories of their boyhood, of their early life, but you came from a far-off tower and know nothing of the world."
  • repartee His quick wit could have suggested a deserved repartee; but even in his misery Blake would say no wounding word to a lady of the regiment.
  • repast At the dinner-table everyone spoke to me, and I fancied I had given proper answers to all, but, when the repast was over, the Abbe Gama invited me to take coffee in his own apartment.
  • repay If gold is worth anything, surely it should repay them for what can be only a mere fancy.
  • repeat This area was to be the Battalion's battle station for several months to come, and many times were the companies to repeat the journey they had just completed.
  • repeated "Well, let Miss Linders come by all means," repeated the Doctor.
  • repeater I see you are not too grand, Val, to use your father's old repeater.
  • replete The Courier's editorial rooms were unusually replete of life that night.
  • report But the situation has been such that it was not easy to report."
  • reporter "You saved George Desmond's life," said the reporter shortly.
  • repute At first they had brought some ladies with them, of good repute with charity; and then, as time went on, they added to their stock by carrying.
  • reputed It was so small that probably it contained an atom of hair reputed to have been cut from the Prophet's beard.
  • respite I fly from one thing to another for respite, for relief-but there is no relief.
  • Reaped When I urged the literary advantages I had reaped from my friendship with Mr. Israel Lyons, she besought me not to talk of friendship with persons of that sort.
  • Repaid We ventured to scale it; and we were fully repaid for our labor by the prospect which we gained.
  • repeats He measures the altitude of the Pole Star when that altitude is greatest, and repeats the operation twelve hours later, when the altitude of the Pole Star is least; the mean between the two, when corrected in various ways which it is not necessary for us now to discuss, gives the true altitude of the pole.
  • reputes

82 words made from the letters repate

3 letter words made from repate:

era, are, ter, ape, pat, tap, eta, atp, pee, tar, epa, pre, ear, rap, ert, par, tea, art, ate, pet, apt, rep, arp, ret, pea, apr, eat, tee, rat, per.

4 letter words made from repate:

5 letter words made from repate:

peate, arete, rapee, paret, perea, apter, pater, teera, reate, paree, patre, eater, peare, peter, ratee, peaer, preta, ptere, prate, teper, prete, teare, peret, praet, taper.

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