Correct spelling for RESIVIOUR

We think the word resiviour is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for resiviour

  • receive His Grace was now ready to receive him.
  • receiver He took up the receiver of a field telephone.
  • reissue The bag-affair is quite an old one now-a fortnight old. The bag itself has, I believe, retired into the decent privacy of a cupboard, nor is it much more likely to reissue thence than was one of the frail nuns built into the wall in the old times likely to come stepping out again.
  • rescuer Left alone, the women talked about the fire, and the bravery of their young rescuer.
  • reserve Wagner's opera opens on shipboard, where Ysolde lies sullen and motionless under a tent, brooding over her sorrow and nursing her wrath against Tristan, who has further embittered her by treating her with the utmost reserve, and never once approaching her during the whole journey.
  • reservoir Here he found the miller and his family all gathered outside, ready for a start; one workman had run down from the reservoir.
  • residue
  • resin
  • resource
  • restive
  • reviser
  • savior
  • saviour
  • savor
  • savour
  • versifier
  • Resolver
  • reviews
  • reservoirs Some few insignificant springs, skilfully conducted into these reservoirs, made it possible to plant workmen's villages in the neighbourhood of the quarries, and also near the emerald mines on the borders of the Red Sea.
  • RSV
  • residua
  • resit

176 words made from the letters resiviour

5 letter words made from resiviour:

rores, orrie, oviir, viers, iover, siruv, rusie, suire, ourie, vrous, ruers, evros, iouri, ioves, verso, versi, sorer, sirri, soeur, servo, serov, eruvs, virus, voris, visio, rvers, voies, oveur, eorsi, vires, oviri, river, voser, visie, reios, orius, orris, riise, soire, rusev, visor, verio, revis, viure, ivers, rouse, rover, surve, sirve, sveio, ririe, viser, surer, orier, suero, iives, suivi, iurie, versu, visuo, riser, serri, suevi, rorie, iuris, orvis, verri, verus, irori, roues, srour, osier, vieri, siero, viseu, rivos, resor, vireo, servi, roves.

3 letter words made from resiviour:

orr, err, sue, iou, oui, eos, ire, vie, suv, ies, irs, esr, ore, rev, sur, iso, rue, sou, roe, vii, sir, use, res, rio, uro.

4 letter words made from resiviour:

over, viru, sore, iris, eruv, iove, oure, suer, viso, vues, riou, sour, rise, rive, euoi, rieu, ruse, oseu, eris, rove, urie, eros, orri, sire, suor, rouv, siev, ruri, seoi, oser, eriu, rues, ruvo, errs, ruer, seor, rivo, vier, revi, vusi, rous, visu, euro, vous, ries, roue, ives, suir, svir, rose, rire, suro, iori, ovis, viro, riri, vuoi, iure, vies, vour, sure, veio, suiv, vise, user, iive, vrou, iesu, evro, eous, suoi.

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